Suzuki.. 2 years free servicing???

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by fred.c, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. fred.c

    fred.c Guest

    Having ordered, and paid CASH for a new Bandit 1200S, and been given a
    delivery date for mid March, I was looking forward to a trip to Butlins
    MCN on new bike, & 2 Years no servicing costs!! I was informed today
    (17 March,) no new bikes in the country, and as the servicing offer was
    on bikes REGISTERED before 1st April, looked like a phone call to
    Suzuki UK was in order.
    Having rung Suzuki Careline(??) I was told by their Jackie Puss, the
    offer was on in-stock bikes only, (did you see this in the ad?? no, it
    isn't there!) but the dealers had this info in their dealer packs!! As
    there will be no new bikes before the 1st April deadline, (why???
    Suzuki wouldn't hold them back, surely???), no chance of the free
    servicing!!!!! Is that misleading advertising???
    This means, although I paid cash 6 weeks before the end of the offer, I
    am being penalised, for Suzuki's inability to deliver????? Is there any
    wonder I am trying to get my cash back, and buy a Fazer?????? C'mon you
    guys, (I have already been contacted by others in the same boat...can't
    get a delivery date before 1st April.)
    So come on Suzuki, Honour your advert, give the customer a break, for a
    fred.c, Mar 17, 2006
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  2. fred.c

    LJ Guest

    Seems simple, get your money back or have the dealer find you a bike by 4/1.
    There's a lot of new bikes out there.
    LJ, Mar 18, 2006
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  3. fred.c

    fred.c Guest

    Ok I will set you a challenge this weekend...
    Ask your local Suzuki dealer to GUARANTEE delivery of a 1200 Bandit S
    before 4/1

    Then, when he CANT, ring Suzuki Customer Care (Care?? thats a laff)
    on freephone 0500 011959, to ask Why Not?????

    (P.S. if anybody is GAURANTEED one, please, PLEASE, PM me, I would love
    one before 4/1...........)
    fred.c, Mar 18, 2006
  4. fred.c

    LJ Guest

    I don't think they sell them here in the US
    Is that a free call from anywhere?
    I guess they'd be guaranteed to get one by then if it were in stock and
    sitting on their dealer's floor. That, after all, seems to be the purpose
    of the promotion, to reduce old inventory. Grow up and accept reality. Are
    you sure you're mature enough to handle a bike like that? It really doesn't
    seem like it since you're posting your childish rant in a *.tech newsgroup.
    It's totally off topic.
    LJ, Mar 18, 2006

  5. If it's out of stock, there's no way you're going to register it, is
    there? Dimwit.

    Take your whinging, whining, hard-done-by, "the whole world's against
    me", and "Suzuki are fraudsters" post and shove it.

    The Older Gentleman, Mar 19, 2006
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