Swapping cyl.head and not the cams...

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Paul Barrett, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Paul Barrett

    S'mee Guest

    What's the matter you alky? Hate it when everyone but you is correct?
    Sheesh...you aren't even worth bothering with anymore. A pathetic
    loser like you is beneath a person whose lines bore chiefs, kings,
    emperors, brigands, thieves, smugglers, gods, shamans and monte banks.
    Fortunately none sullied our lines be being a drunk or a
    politician...some things are beneath even us.
    S'mee, Dec 7, 2008
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  2. Paul Barrett

    . Guest

    Homosexual prostitution is illegal, even in Cut Bank, Montana.
    ., Dec 7, 2008
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  3. Paul Barrett

    S'mee Guest

    Poor pathetic krusty...dumber than a stump and a bigger loser I never
    saw. Jealous I wont pimp for him.
    S'mee, Dec 7, 2008
  4. Paul Barrett

    . Guest

    But you will pimp for your wife. When are you going to post those
    explicit pictures of Barb on CL?
    ., Dec 7, 2008
  5. Paul Barrett

    S'mee Guest

    Gee loser, you tied one on already? Sheesh it's not even 1600 where
    you live and you are already drunk again. As usual you attempt to be
    witty...and fail just like everything else in your pathetic

    When you can be knowldegable without looking it up the sky will turn
    as brown as the shit you have for brains.
    TTFN loser.
    S'mee, Dec 8, 2008
  6. Paul Barrett

    TOG@Toil Guest

    Not quite. 'Hates it when he's pointed out to be incorrect' is nearer
    the mark. And it happens quite often. It's also exceedingly annoying
    to him to issue a challenge ("put up or shut up" kind of thing), and
    have it taken up and shown that he was, indeed, talking nonsense.

    Sensible people, at this stage, say "my bad", and the world moves on.
    Krusty, OTOH, will twist and turn and do *anything* to change the
    subject, *anything* rather than admit he's wrong, *anything* to
    ridicule the opposition, not realising he's making himself look

    So he's a boozer, then? Colour me unsurprised.
    TOG@Toil, Dec 9, 2008
  7. Paul Barrett

    S'mee Guest

    I sit corrected.
    My own humble suspicion. Had one working on the roof this fall...
    S'mee, Dec 9, 2008
  8. Paul Barrett

    Patti Guest

    The last time I worked on my 1985 XL600R was about 5 years ago - at that
    time it would start with a lot of effort, but wouldn't stay running
    reliably. Someone on this forum suggested going through the Clymer or
    Haynes manuals' trouble-shooting section, and I could have SWORN I did
    and that the last thing to check in the trouble-shooting tree (assuming
    good spark, fuel, etc.) was the kill switch.

    I just sold it to a co-worker who wants to get it running, and he says
    he measured the kill switch as being shorted irrespective of the
    position it was in. (so to me that means the kill switch must have been
    the culprit - how often do 2 things go wrong at the same time?)

    Meanwhile, neither the Clymer or Haynes manuals even *mention* the kill
    switch, nor show it on the wiring diagrams. (Did I dream the
    kill-switch thing in the trouble-shooting tree?) He finally found a
    schematic online that shows the kill switch, and it should be *open* to
    run, so he just cut the wires.

    When I was trouble-shooting 5 years ago, I had the head done (new valve
    seals, new cam, re-seating the valves, new timing chain), replaced the
    pulser, CDI unit, and rebuilt the carbs - but danged if the thing still
    won't run reliably. The guy I sold it to checked the rectifier and
    tells me it's not got continuity as it should (according to manual) -
    but that's the *one* part they don't make any more. It does have a
    spark, so is the rectifier really necessary? I didn't disassemble the
    bottom-end when I did the head/pulser, so the timing should still be

    Can anyone help please? It used to run really sweet and was easy to
    start until this problem developed. I see the factory manuals are $50
    on ebay for that model year. I may have seen the kill-switch in the
    trouble-shooting section of one of those then lost it (???)

    Patti, Feb 15, 2010
  9. Paul Barrett

    ` Guest

    You're wasting your time posting to this troll-infested NG.

    Take your dirtbike questions to a dirtbike NG.
    `, Feb 15, 2010
  10. Hi Patti

    This site should be helpful.


    Seems like you might be able to find an aftermarket
    regulator/rectifier. This part is for the charging circuit
    anyway. It shouldn't affect the bike's ability to start
    if the battery's already go a full charge.

    Not really clear if the guy who bought the bike knows
    what he's doing.

    On mine, the kill switch makes and breaks a circuit.
    Not sure what he means "shorted out". Try to get a wiring
    diagram for the bike (might be one in Haynes) and see
    where the kill switch fits into the picture.

    My suggestion would be to fully charge the battery,
    empty the tank, refill with new gas and then try
    starting. If it doesn't start, check to see if you have
    a spark at the plugs and if so, clean the carbs.
    If no spark, is there 12 volts at the coil ?

    The electrex site always used to have really good
    troubleshooting instructions.

    Worry about the rectifier and charging system after
    the engine will fire.
    Rob Kleinschmidt, Feb 17, 2010
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