Talking of near misses

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by David Thomas, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. David Thomas

    David Thomas Guest

    as Molly was... or should that be "near Mrs" ;-)

    I was happily driving down the new section of the A130 (for any that knows
    it) anyway it's a long wide dual carriageway, I'm in my Renault Scenic, fast
    approaching a truck full of crushed cars.. you know one of those rough
    looking high open top ones containing probably ten or so flattened motors.

    So, I look in my mirror see a bike in the outside lane, but loads of room
    for me to get out and back in again before the bike arrives, as I pull out a
    bonnet off one of the cars flies off and is standing upright in front of the
    passenger side of my car, I brake quite hard bearing in mind the bike behind
    me an I hit it dead flat at about 70mph with a thud, I look in the mirror no
    sign of it and I am carrying in by wind force on the front of my car.

    I slide over to the hard shoulder and said bonnet falls on the floor, now I
    reason it was that bikers lucky day, and mine because after I cleaned loads
    of paint (from bonnet) of the front of my car and including the light lenses
    with some autosol there was no damage apart from a minor scratch from where
    the bonnet catch hit.

    So alls well that ends well :)))

    David Thomas, Aug 21, 2004
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  2. What about the truck with an unstable load - isn't there a law against it? I
    would have wanted a little 'discussion' with the driver.

    Richard Sterry, Aug 21, 2004
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  3. David Thomas

    David Thomas Guest

    True but I had to ditch the bonnet then when I did catch up and overtake the
    truck I tried to remember his reg number as he took a slip road,
    unfortunatly he had different plates on the front and back and I couldn't
    get a clear view at either.

    David Thomas, Aug 21, 2004
  4. Hmm, and where are the precious so-called "safety cameras" to catch this
    sort of operator?

    Richard Sterry, Aug 21, 2004
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