The Brno Thread , with a big aftermarket spoiler on the back

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by Julian Bond, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Guest

    - The MotoGP website publishes the BBC Laguna footage of Stoner with
    That's entertainment, folks. Nothing like a battle that gets personal to
    keep the fans interested.

    - Schwantz, Rainey and Spencer all side with Rossi. In fact Schwantz
    says he spoke to Rossi the night before and said he needed to focus on
    outbraking, getting in front and messing with Stoner's head. Doesn't
    mean anything because I'm sure Rossi had reached the same conclusion.
    But it's more a view of what Schwantz would have done and used to do.
    Nothing new here folks, move along.

    - Pre-race press conference, while Hopkins is speaking, Stoner
    apologises to Rossi. Then there's a comment to the press as well.
    Inevitably Rossi gets another dig in, "But I'm ready to do another race
    like this on Sunday."

    - Yamaha were due to test some new electronics on Monday that gave them
    some more revs at the top end and better corner exit. Story goes that
    Rossi will get this on Friday for FP1.

    Nakano gets a copy of Dani Ps bike. The next generation but with valve
    springs to test on Bridgestones. Look hard enough at all the
    ramifications of this and you can use it to prove that Dovi gets
    Hayden's ride next year.

    - Toseland gets an uprated bike. I've lost track of what that means in
    Yamaha development.

    - Everyone (apart from Hayden) should be more or less healthy. Lots of
    people go well at Brno and lots of people have points to prove. If the
    leading 4 can stay together then Brno has lots of opportunities to pass.
    But it's also a track where a fast guy can just pull away. Bring it on.
    Julian Bond, Aug 15, 2008
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  2. Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Guest

    Julian Bond, Aug 15, 2008
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