The first 1,000 miles on the new 900 Vulcan Classic

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by R-D-Lorance, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. R-D-Lorance

    R-D-Lorance Guest

    So far my Vulcan has been great however there are a couple things that
    the factory should change.

    The very first thing I noticed that I didn't like was the oil level
    sight glass. It is really difficult to see. I have a mirror on a
    telescoping handle that I carry in a fanny pack and that works great
    but it shouldn't be a necessity.

    Please put a tachometer on at the factory. The motor is really hard to
    hear at highway speeds and without a tachometer it is difficult
    guessing the RPM's. A light when in top gear would be nice also.

    I had a problem getting used to the heel & toe shifter the first few
    days. I have rather large feet and neuropathy in them and a couple
    times when taking off from a stop I accidentally bumped the heel
    shifter and knocked it up into neutral. I came close to falling on my
    ass once or twice before I learned that I needed to swing my left foot
    all the way forward on the floorboards. BTW Kawasaki engineers really
    did a great job on the floorboards. I love them.

    The cable clutch is great so far. I just hope I can get a good shop
    manual before I ever need to replace it alongside the road.

    MyGawd those handlebars sure are wide! I love them though but they did
    take some getting used to. Allow a lot of clearance when negotiating
    between narrow spaces.

    My drive belt seems to track awfully close to the left side of the rear
    wheel drive pulley. The mechanic at the shop assures me it is OK but a
    20/1,000ths feeler gauge is a snug fit. That seems like awfully close
    tolerances to me.

    I am a pretty large fellow and so far the monoshock seems to be
    adjusted perfectly for my riding style. If I stick to dating ladies 125
    lbs or less I should be OK. Any heavier than that and I will have to go
    on a diet.

    I have never owned a new bike before that has recieved the compliments
    that this Vulcan has gotten. Everyone loves that Silver Gray metallic
    paint. I was thinking some blue pinstriping but I may save that for
    next year.

    The 900cc's does a fine job of hauling my large carcass down the road.
    It has plenty of torque to pass in high gear from any speed above 45
    mph. Not bad for a mid-size motor.

    Gas mileage has varied from 57 mpg ( the first fill when I was breaking
    it in) to a low of 35 mpg (hot & windy Interstate riding that day). It
    looks like I can get 50 mpg as long as I ride sensibly. No complaints
    in this department.

    I plan on keeping a real close watch on the push/pull throttle cable
    system. No problems so far but I have a feeling that they will need
    good lubrication to stay troublefree.

    The adjustable clutch & brake levers are great.

    I haven't been out on the open road after sundown yet so I don't know
    about the headlights but around town they seem to be adequate. Heck
    with daylight savings time it doesn't get dark until Ten PM around
    here. For an old phart like me that is damn near past my bedtime.

    All in all so far I am happy with my Vulcan. I would definitely
    recommend it to anyone thinking about buyine one.

    R-D-Lorance, Jun 8, 2006
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  2. That's rather a good idea. I should do that. Better than grovelling in
    the dirt.
    Seems par for the course for a lowish-powered cruiser.
    They don't, IME. In fact, many cables these days are Teflon-lined and
    lubing them actually makes them stickier!

    Every now and again I ponder about buying a cruiser. I've resisted so
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 8, 2006
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  3. R-D-Lorance

    OH- Guest

    After you get used to the bike and riding without a tach, you'll
    never miss it. If you feel the need to wring out the last little
    bit of RPM, you're probably on the wrong bike.
    You will get better at judging the RPMs and keeping track of
    what gear you're in and you don't need a loud exhaust to do
    this, engine "feel" and vibrations will do fine.
    OH-, Jun 8, 2006
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