The Green One Sits.. waiting. waiting

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Bill Walker, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Bill Walker

    Bill Walker Guest

    The "Mighty One" sits there, this morning.. brooding.. restless and ready to
    spring into action.. LOL.. Not quite finished with the details, such as
    cleaning the rear wheel and polishing the chrome.. One more coat of wax an
    it'll be ready to roar onto that highway heading for another adventure ..
    The chain has been lubed again and again.. The crankcase is filled with
    fresh motor oil.. All the linkage has been lubed and a fresh air filter will
    be installed next Thursday.. just before the Green Vulcan is turned loose,
    once again.. <chuckle> The departure tension is building and that
    motorcycle is almost as impatient as I am..

    That new set of saddlebags have had a film of neatsfoot oil applied to them
    and are just waiting to be packed with the essentials to enable the Mexican
    to do her womanly thingy while on the road.. Damn.. the last few days of
    waiting, sure do pass slowly..

    Reports are trickling in from the others who will be making this trip with
    us.. Everyone seems as anxious as the Green One and me.. <chuckle> Buddy
    Helscel reports from Arizona.. (at least, his bride is reporting) that he is
    all packed and waiting.. That big old Gucci ElectraGlide has been waxed,
    wiped and polished so much that the last couple of coats keep slipping down
    and he is spending a lot of time just keep sliding them back on the
    motorcycle.. lol.. That's a lot of wax..

    RedShad is busy making that V-Star highway efficient.. A windshield is in
    place.. drivers' floorboards.. saddle bags and a few other goodies which
    he'd not have considered on that bike, one year ago.. lol.. The carburetors
    have been re-jetted and RedShad discovered that the clutch is slipping a
    little bit.. Instead of just adjusting it out, he's going for the whole
    enchilada .. ordered a new clutch assembly and will have it installed next
    Tuesday.. That V-Star never looked better and is probably as anxious as the
    Mean Green One.. We need to get these things on the road..

    Morgan Kane is busy working on his minor and major business problems .. He
    should have both of them under control by next Thursday.. That new
    ElectraGlide of his, has already got a new set of rubber on it.. and it is
    always ready to hit the highway.. After he meets up with Buddy Helscel in
    Pearsall, Tx. we can expect Morgan to become one of those Harley accessory
    nuts, buying chrome and lights.. lol.. If his exposure to Buddy doesn't do
    the trick, when he gets a look at that new ride that Waco has bought, he'll
    be buying all that stuff on the road.. <grin> I just love it..

    Brian is still worrying around about this trip and he's still trying to
    figure out how to steal enough time off from work to make the ride.. Go for
    it, Brian.. you'll make it..

    That Heritage that JailCall rides is always ready for the highway and if
    that Sheriff of Travis County can manage to find two or three other deputies
    to cover for him, JailCall will be on the road waiting for us when we go
    through Austin.. See what happens when you become invaluable to your job ?
    Our good friend IceMan has already had his time off cancelled and he can't
    make this ride.. There we go again, IceMan.. lol.. I've been telling you
    that you were too conscientious about that damn job.. Let that be a lesson
    to you, and screw something up.. now and then..

    IceLady threatened to jump on with me and wave at IceMan when we hit the
    street.. He agreed but stipulated that she'd have to be back in time for
    work, the following morning.. I'm sure disappointed those two won't be with
    us on this trip..

    That new job that he's started has got Tony D. wired up tight and it looks
    as though he's not going to make it, either.. I was sure looking forward to
    meeting that brother from Florida.. hmmm.. that new job must really be
    keeping him busy .. He hasn't been posting lately and I miss his
    contributions on this newsgroup..

    That just about wraps it up, except.. there are a lot of those brothers and
    sisters in Mexico who are waiting to welcome us to their city of
    Guadalajara.. They've been calling and e-mailing me for the past two weeks,
    confirming our schedule and itinerary.. Should be one helluva party when we
    get there.. Regards to everyone and see you next Friday.. Hello Mexico..

    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Mar 11, 2006
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