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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Dale Porter, Oct 7, 2004.

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    Grabbed from another forum, that had grabbed it from another forum...........

    Brian Beardon

    MRAA President

    7 October 2004

    It is with regret that I formally tender my resignation as the Elected President of the MRAA
    effective immediately.

    I have not come to this decision easily but as I have grave concerns regarding the actions of some
    of the members of the current board it impinges my ability to serve as President.

    Since returning from a short vacation recently I have requested, on numerous occasions, for
    information from certain members of the current board. To date I have received no response or
    communication from board regarding specific queries. "Transparency" was one of the driving issues
    when this Board was formed; the lack of information being passed onto the membership is appalling.

    Board members accepted certain responsibilities and duties when elected to their positions. Although
    these roles are voluntary these responsibilities and duties are imperative to the effect, efficient
    running and longevity of the MRAA. If these responsibilities are not fulfilled, in there entirety
    the MRAA will not survive. The following roles are not currently being fulfilled in there entirety
    and therefore threaten the longevity of the MRAA.

    The Secretary's role is to ensure all correspondence is efficiently dealt with, ie. email queries
    are read and responded to on a timely basis. All Board Members should represent the MRAA's members
    interests, to the best of their ability, in a truthful manner. This is not currently the case.

    The Membership Secretary's role is to ensure the efficient maintenance of the Membership Database,
    and to protect the confidentiality of the MRAA Members, this is not currently the case. Due to lack
    of integrity of the Membership Database the QGM to be held on Saturday 9 October 2004 should be
    deemed unconstitutional. As per 10.4 of the MRAA Constitution "The MRAA General Meeting shall be
    notified to all members entitled to vote not less than 21 days prior to the Meeting stating the
    time, date, place of the meeting and the number of members required for a quorum". This requirement
    has not been met. I have provided the Secretary with the details of eight members that have not been
    notified regarding the QGM.

    I have concerns that the some members of the Board have overlooked three business opportunities that
    could have placed the MRAA is a stable financial position, the reason, and I quote, "they could not
    be bothered". This now places the MRAA in a precarious financial position.

    The Boards indecisiveness regarding reprimanding a member who has been harassing Councilors/CEO's
    and who is claiming to act as a representative the MRAA in this manner. In turn this is undermining
    the successful organisation and delivery of this years' GP Run. The Board has elected
    representatives acting on behalf of the MRAA and actively working in conjunction with the City of
    Casey in this matter. The Member is not authorised to be directly involved at the request of the
    City of Casey. Businesses have voiced their concerns over this persons' harassment and the Board is
    yet to respond. This directly jeopardises the GP Run funding.

    I question the motives and aspirations of the current board, with the Federal Election looming, and
    whilst every other MRA & MCC of Australia is talking to politicians and striking deals. The current
    board believes there priority is selling "gate and camping tickets" at a rally. Are we not a
    "Political" lobby group?

    I cannot and will not continue to sacrifice my (and my family's) time working with a group of
    individuals that "choose" demise the very thing that the MRAA was formed to work for. Promoting a
    better image for Motorcyclists', working towards a fairer and sensible legislation, to promote Road
    Safety and shall always act in the best interests of ALL its members. As such, with regret I
    formally tender my resignation.

    I would like to thank Sarah and Shane for the exceptional achievement and efforts in organising this
    years' GP Run. Without their dedication the MRAA would not be involved this year. I wish them well
    with the execution of the run. I know it will be a success.

    My thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and/or money to help the MRAA in any way all your
    efforts and contributions are appreciated.


    Brian Beardon
    Dale Porter, Oct 7, 2004
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  2. Dale Porter

    SmeeR11S Guest

    I gave them a year before they self destructed
    not far wrong there.
    SmeeR11S, Oct 8, 2004
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