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Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Brian Walker, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    Hey All,

    My wife is wanting to start learning to ride a motorcycle. I'm
    wondering if anyone has a spare sportbike, preferably a YZF600 or
    better that's in okay condition that you'd be willing to part with?

    Of course, when you give this to her, I'll be riding the crap out of
    it and I'll probably loan it to my neighbor (Abu Naligh) to ride since
    his van stinks up my yard when he starts it in the mornings...and I
    don't want Abu driving that piece of crap van.

    Also, I'm looking for a good full faced helmet like a Shoei or
    something. Since helmets are so dangerous with age, y'all can
    understand that I'd want a new one...preferably like a size medium and
    to match the sportbike.

    And since we're being so generous, I would need a set of leathers to
    match all this I might be able to look like an official
    Power Ranger when I ride that Yammie.

    I have references (somewhere) that can verify my sob story so y'all
    know I'm legit. You also wouldn't have to worry about my riding
    abilities...since I have references to that too. Of course, Abu's
    riding would be a different deal!
    Brian Walker, Nov 13, 2003
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  2. Brian Walker

    IceMan Guest

    What size of leathers does your wife Abdu and you wear? do you just need a
    vest and a jacket or do you need a pair of chaps also. I may have the extra
    Shoei also I was going to give it to the little nieghbor boy up here but what
    the heck you sound honest enough to me..(Besides I think the helmet that he
    wears on the little school bus should be pertection enough for him.)
    Now I may have a 2004 honda shadow spirit 1100 in the garage but if that is
    not good enough I will trade it in and get you a better one I of course will
    absorb the cost because you are needy and I dont mind helping out the needy.
    even at personal lost to myself. How would you like me to ship this to you? I
    of course will pay for this too. Or if you like I can even take a day away
    from spending time with my family just to drop off this bike 300 miles away..
    just let me know what works for you and I will respond...

    Brian you are one hell of a begger... if the wife hadnt come in here you would
    had the house, her car, my truck, and you may have even sleeping in my bed
    Bill your boy sure can ask for stuff when he NEEDS it.

    The only thing that I would have inproved on is through a bunch of OMG in the
    post and spell "Because" like this "Cuz" then kick back and think it is cute
    for a 14 year old kid to talk like that and we will even reward him.
    the boy needs to go to school and learn how to spell and even some reading.
    then come back on here like a young man and not some little cutesy girl trying
    to get to see it for the first time. Be a man approach the subject, deal with
    it like a man then be done with it.

    But that is just my thougts on this subject

    IceMan, Nov 14, 2003
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  3. Brian Walker

    Bill Walker Guest

    Good on ya' Iceman.. Most of 'em won't get it, but that's ok.. They better
    not get too damn "hot", or I'll exercise my authority as "Grand Wizardly
    Moderator".. LOL.. Thanks

    Your friend in Irving
    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Nov 14, 2003
  4. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I stopped in the gas station a couple weeks ago to get gas in my bike.
    I pulled up to the pump and low and behold, there was this nut
    standing next to this yellow and white sportbike (a
    YZFCBRGSXTZKZ1900RR). He was wearing leathers that matched the deco on
    the bike. His helmet was full faced (no sportbiker will be without)
    and matched the leathers and the bike. The face plastic shield of the
    helmet thing (whatever they call it) was tinted dark. And to top all
    this off, his gloves and boots were yellow/white and matched. I sat
    there for a second before I realized where I'd seen him
    guessed it, POWER RANGERS!

    I almost fell off my bike laughing. It took a time for me to get
    composed so I could pump the gas. All that guy needed was a cape and
    he would've been a "super-duper super hero".

    So, I just want to look like a Power Ranger!
    Whoa! I have a chance for the Buick...AND YOUR BED?
    Brian Walker, Nov 14, 2003
  5. Brian Walker

    Bill Walker Guest

    I know the neighbor that Brian is referring to, personally.. I always
    thought his name was Nehru, however I am given to understand that he only
    uses that name when applying for subsidized loans.. He explains that as soon
    as the loan comes through, he expects to trade that ol' stinkin' van in on a
    new Astro..Don't forget, Brian also has a "needy" father who could use some
    donated stuff.. The generosity of Iceman is greatly appreciated and I am
    certain that other well meaning donors will immediately commence to get in
    touch.. If someone would come forward with a nice little trailer, I would
    gladly loan it to Charles so that he could make some arrangements.. Regards
    to all..

    Your friend in Irving
    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Nov 14, 2003
  6. ya know, i really think that is the result of television's influence on
    kids and then when they grow up and can do things on their own, they go
    about living out their kid based fantasy as they can. Power Ranger
    suits? you bet! i'm just waiting for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to
    make an appearance.

    Look at the rapmobile cars with the wheels and tires so oversized that
    the camber is totally out to lunch, but it's so cool to these guys, you
    see them everywhere. what did they have growing up for toy cars?
    Mattel Hot Wheels! the freakin car isn't worth $500 but it's got $2000
    worth of tires and wheels that stick a foot outside the wheel well just
    like the Hot Wheels did!

    look at the RUBS paying way over list for HDs and wearing HD garb with
    their little HOG patches, dressing identically playing the badassed
    biker on the weekend away from theit boss at the bank job or dentist
    office and time them back to their youth. what were they looking at in
    the 50s? Marlon Brando type biker movies! Rebel Without a Clue rides

    everyone of these groups is living out their own little fantasy world as
    best they can. now i'm not gonna begrudge someone a good time, hell,
    it's their money and they can do whatever they wish and i hope they have
    fun. if i can get a good chuckle out of it too, so much the better.

    i guess i have no fantasy, because all the leathers i have had are
    standard, monochrome brown or black, and the darien is the high viz
    fireman's yellow jacket (so i don't get rammed at 4 AM in the rain
    during a distance rally because someone didn't see me; like i said, f*ck
    fashion) with black pants. pragmatic mofo, i guess. maybe i can put
    some Hot Wheelz rims on the /5 and bounce to da beats. ya homie, dats


    '73 R75/5 Toaster (not for sale)
    '99 R1100RT (in use)
    '00 FLHRCI (sold!)
    Iron Butt Assoc, WATR 3X, EIEIO, AEIOU etc blah blah
    another viewer, Nov 14, 2003
  7. Brian Walker

    IceMan Guest



    IceMan, Nov 14, 2003
  8. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    Can you imagine trying to hang on while that para-sail suit of a shell
    is dragging in the wind?
    What gets me is that crap was taken from us "homemade rat racers" who
    reversed the wheels on our cars to make them have wider footprints and
    hold better in tight turns. But, after the racing was over, we
    reversed them back and drove normally. Here, kids are buying the
    wheels to do this and just wrecks out the suspension. I've seen so
    many balljoints break because of those's not funny.
    Funny story just hit that I need to share!

    In this apartment complex about 15 years ago here in Dallas, a guy
    moved in who drove an old Ford truck. EVERY FREAKIN' NIGHT the alarm
    would go off on that truck and wake everyone up. It wasn't the type
    that would shut off after a minute or two, this one stayed on for a
    LONG time. Finally after about a week or so, I sat out and waited for
    this guy to get home. I made a few comments about his alarm going off.
    He said "yeah, I keep trying to adjust it but I can't seem to get it
    quite right". I asked him a little more about it and he said he just
    had it installed and was worried about the truck. He went on to say
    that it was one of the expensive alarms and so on. I looked out at the
    truck and the truck was about a '72 Ford Ranger painted with a 1/4
    coat of primer grey over a new shiney coat of rust. The wheels were
    rust plated steel and tires had to have been racing tires...because
    they had the same tread pattern as a Nascar race car.

    I looked back at the guy and told him he didn't need to worry, they
    weren't trying to steal the truck...they were trying to steal the
    $1500 alarm but can't figure out how to unhook it from the $50 truck
    without all the noise.
    Brian Walker, Nov 15, 2003
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