The world's best sports bike is...

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by D16GP5, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. D16GP5

    D16GP5 Guest

    The one that is manufactured by a small factory in Bologna and beats
    the Japanese time after time, both in the international SBK and the
    *home* series.

    God help them if Ducati ever enter with a 4


    Bullshit *brochure* horsepower and spastic looking paint jobs mean JACK


    More than 10,000 spectators turned out at the Albi circuit in
    south-west France to watch David Muscat take a record eighth domestic
    title in the 2006 Championnat de France Open de Vitesse finale on his
    Ducati 999R.

    Held over two points-scoring races, the final round saw both wins go to
    the 37-year-old Frenchman but the outcome could easily have been
    different as Muscat had crashed heavily in practice, injuring his knee
    in the process.

    Race 1 saw the Ducati rider battle for the win with his closest rival
    Stéphane Duterne (Suzuki) with neither rider able to get a clear lead
    throughout. The last lap was incredible as Muscat dived past Duterne to
    lead with a few corners to go and the two riders were separated on the
    line by just 36/1000ths of a second. Julien Da Costa completed the
    podium for Suzuki.

    The second race was no less exciting. This time the battle for the lead
    was between Muscat and Da Costa, with Bertrand Stey (Honda), Duterne
    and Guillaume Dietrich (Suzuki) just a fraction behind. The leading
    places changed over the last few laps but the chequered flag went to a
    formidable Muscat who took the win ahead of Duterne and Dietrich.

    "It could have gone badly this weekend because I had a crash in
    practice, which damaged my Ducati and left me with an injured knee and
    considerable pain in my chest," declared Muscat. "But I really wanted
    to get the victory for Ducati. The race was a tough one because the
    pace was so high and my bike, which was slightly bent due to the crash
    the day before, kept me from pushing hard in the corners."

    David Muscat, from La Bastide Saint Pierre, has now won a total of
    eight French titles, the last seven with Ducati. He was French 250cc
    champion in 1992, Open Supersport champion from 2000 to 2002 with the
    Ducati 748RS, Superproduction title winner in 2003 with the 998S,
    Supersport winner in 2004 and 2005 with the 749R, and Superproduction
    champion again this year with the 999R.

    Superproduction Race 1 Superproduction Race 2
    1. Muscat (Ducati) 1. Muscat (Ducati)
    2. Duterne (Suzuki) 2. Duterne (Suzuki)
    3. Da Costa (Suzuki) 3. Dietrich (Suzuki)
    4. Dietrich (Suzuki) 4. Da Costa (Suzuki)
    5. Four (Suzuki) 5. Stey (Honda)
    6. Foray (Suzuki) 6. Four (Suzuki)
    7. Stey (Honda) 7. Tangre, C (Suzuki)
    8. Tangre, C (Suzuki) 8. Moisan (Kawasaki)
    9. Auger (Yamaha) 9. Foray (Suzuki)
    10. Lerat Vanstaen (Yamaha) 10. Tangre, J (Suzuki)

    Superproduction Championship Results
    1. Muscat (Ducati) 156
    2. Duterne (Suzuki) 113
    3. Dietrich (Suzuki) 99
    4. Four (Suzuki) 76
    5. Moisan (Kawasaki) 66
    6. Foray (Suzuki) 64
    7. Piot (Kawasaki) 52
    8. Stey (Honda) 49
    9. Auger (Yamaha) 43
    10. Tangre, J (Suzuki) 34

    I believe this guy is pushing for a Ducati factory ride...
    D16GP5, Jul 13, 2006
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  2. But what of the Royal Enfield team and the famous Mahatma Rossi ?
    isaac_the_blind, Jul 13, 2006
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  3. D16GP5

    D16GP5 Guest

    Titles zilch, but have had some great wins and lead the Championship
    this year

    How are Kawa and Suzuki going [wins?], and Yamaha without God on board?

    D16GP5, Jul 16, 2006
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