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Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by louie, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. louie

    louie Guest

    Houston ride from 10am Friday until 8pm Saturday. Redshad and Louie -
    Goldwing riders.

    Finally some weather hours in a row so a man can ride. There are some
    flowers blooming in the bar ditches, and fields. Old people and babies seem
    to like to stop the car and get out amongst the flowers and be photographed.
    We, Redshad and I, didn't do that.

    Met somebody's friend, Jerry, at Brenham, which was buzzing with visitors,
    for a late lunch. After lunch Jerry said old people used to stand on a
    street corner and talk, we did that for a good while. Looked around for
    Skooter but didn't see him.

    Saturday morning Jerry met us at the motel and we had plans. While we were
    going over our plan it started an unpredicted rain, so we stood on the walk
    under the awning and talked like the old people do on street corners. While
    talking I caught/noticed Jerry being wrong on some things; I was about 50%
    on letting it go.

    Last time we were in Houston Jerry took us to a special place to eat that we
    really enjoyed. We decided too much time had past, account the rain and
    talking, to pursue full plans, lets go eat. Off we go and the rain started
    again on the way, about 15 miles to the food.

    Jerry has those smirky sounding modified exhausts on his Valkryie and I can
    see how a Houston automobile driver could interpret the sound as jerkass
    arrogance. Those drivers in Houston are like fire ants and do alright until
    you stir them up. We're going along there and I hear indications of Jerry
    using 3 or 4 different gears. Then I see him flip off a driver or two. Soon
    drivers start cutting Redshad and me off, like drovers on Rawhide cutting
    out banged cattle. I wondered if in some weird way we were considered
    offspring of this rider routing us through the multi-lanes, and Harris
    Countians had had enough. They weren't just trying to shoo us off, they
    wanted us down. Using our Hi-Five, and 360 training we survived to make the
    exit and the parking lot of the food palace.

    When we noted the parking lot was empty, we asked Jerry to do some
    'splaining. He changed the subject to who has the brightest headlight,
    thinking he could start an argument and anger the hungry from us. Finally he
    fessed up to be the wild goose and the restaurant was closed on Saturdays.
    Redshad suggested going to Hearne, 120 miles away, to eat. Here we go.

    Union Pacific, a railroad company based Omaha, Nebraska, has an old steam
    engine that ever so often runs the railroad's route as a sort of pubic
    relations thing. That engine, No. 844. had left Ft Worth at 8am and was
    scheduled to stop in Hearne. I knew Jerry would be a safety hazard around
    the railroad so we followed him, letting him think he was leading us to
    Hearne. Remember we're on them Goldwings, Garmined up, 2 ways, cruise,
    compasses, tandem mirrors, etc., sure don't need a smirky sounding goldwing
    want2be Valk to lead us. We coaxed him up to about 60mph and as soon as he
    turned North on 610 we darted 610 South near redline, loaf.

    After a bit we turned around and headed to Hearne. About 10 miles down the
    road we saw Jerry at an exit, and twisted them on up to a speed he, at this
    stage of his clock, would not attempt to merge with. We got into Hearne at
    215pm, just as the Steamer was coming into town. After the train came to a
    stop we took the wings thru the thick ballast along the right of way to get
    close for pictures. Lots of interest in that old train, and it was a good
    crowd for that small of a town. We got some pictures, and spotted some
    problems with the engine leaking, also pointed out some railroad track
    discrepancies to the Vice President. We were awarded a couple of medals and
    a coupon.

    We got food at the Johnny Reb cafe, but could not get additional corn bread,
    and they were out of rolls. Thumbs down for their rating.

    We headed out and did not stop until we arrived at Ft Worth, where the West
    begins as they say. As info we did drive way too fast, but tried to signal
    when lane whipping through Waco.

    It was good to see that Jerry.

    And to Cookie - You're doing a very good job with the ''work in progress''.

    Physically, he's never looked better, and was very pleasant. Those other
    areas will hopefully work out. Please remind him, or better yet print out
    for him, hours of operation for 'our' restaurant. This will help his ROAR
    (Right on anything Rating).

    Teach him big boys don't ask other big boys if they like his hair.

    Next time we come to town, don't let him out alone.

    louie, Apr 12, 2010
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  2. louie

    anonymous Guest

    Sounds like ya'll had a great time. 'Shad got 100K miles
    on his wing yet?
    anonymous, Apr 12, 2010
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  3. louie

    louie Guest

    Sounds like ya'll had a great time. 'Shad got 100K miles
    on his wing yet?

    He got up into the 70's and slowed way down on his riding. So I don't think
    he is to 80,000 yet, but close.

    You know the last few months have been the worst in memory for riding.

    louie, Apr 12, 2010
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