This group sure nuff is peaceful...

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Brian Walker, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I can't count how many times we were all told how much more peaceful
    and nice it would be without me in this group. I didn't think it would
    be possible, but by golly I was proved wrong.

    This place is a dustbowl!!! The only thing better about it is now
    y'all have to find something else to actually ride a

    Geez, I popped in here yesterday for the first time in a couple years
    and replied to several postings a couple posts down from the top and
    didn't realize they were already expired. Man, I think back to when
    this group was hitting the barometer of 200+ postings a day, y'all do
    good to get 2 postings a month!!!

    I need some riding advice from Road Plow...or maybe Timbo would like
    to show us how he can ride those circles on YouTube...or that
    bedwetter Stevie Schiffner would like to tell us how he gets these
    good deals on MayPop(tm) tires for his rust bucket Honda...

    Geez peeps!!! No wonder I had to spend a half a day on Google to find
    this place again....y'all REALLY let this place go to shit!!!

    Brian (pot stirring...someone has to!!!)
    Brian Walker, Sep 6, 2010
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  2. Brian Walker

    anonymous Guest

    Yeah, it's pretty dormant without those days when
    Bill, you, and the others were all feuding all the
    time. I do still miss Bill.

    I guess there's either not much to discuss, or other
    locations with which to discuss it.
    anonymous, Sep 10, 2010
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  3. Brian Walker

    Redshad Guest

    Incase yall didnt know it, Brian done went Pussy on us and sold his Blackerd
    Bird and now rides a Goldwing. I just thought I would throw that out there.

    Redshad, Sep 15, 2010
  4. Brian? Brian? Oh yeah, the guy who bragged for years how others
    (usenet pussies) were afraid to meet him man-to-man. The last time
    you posted here was when you announced here that you were in Edmonton
    for the weekend.

    For some reason, you vanished from the scene after people watched you
    getting called out while you hid like a coward in your room. Yeah, I
    remember you now.
    Road Glidin' Don, Sep 16, 2010
  5. Brian Walker

    Redshad Guest

    Brian? Brian? Oh yeah, the guy who bragged for years how others
    (usenet pussies) were afraid to meet him man-to-man. The last time
    you posted here was when you announced here that you were in Edmonton
    for the weekend.

    For some reason, you vanished from the scene after people watched you
    getting called out while you hid like a coward in your room. Yeah, I
    remember you now.

    [email protected] usenet pussies....Theres a term we havent heard in a long time.

    Redshad, Sep 16, 2010
  6. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I'm doing good, Morgan!!! How's that kid-o of yours???

    I'm planning on doing the Mena Ride in a few weeks with Redshad and
    the rest of them. I'm also planning Daytona Bike Week this coming
    March. It'd be cool if you could ride too...

    Brian Walker, Sep 19, 2010
  7. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    Hehehe, some things never change....and RoadPlow you're still an ass-

    As I seem to recall, I spent a full week in your backyard posting
    about where I was and what I was doing. Then after I leave, you start
    your boasting about what a mean mean person you are and it was a good
    thing I didn't find you. I did everything but drive into your ragged
    driveway and give you the finger!!!

    RoadPlow, you're like the little 12 year old bully that keeps telling
    someone to not cross a line. Shit, it's no wonder you couldn't find me
    in downtown Calgary and the two restaurants (Cactus Bob's or Cactus
    Dan's...or something with Cactus in it...****, there's only two and
    they have the same name and gorgeous girls in them...maybe that's why
    you couldn't find them???) I frequented while I was there, you can't
    even figure out how to get across town without running over half the
    people in the countryside...HAHA!!!

    And, FWIW...I didn't make it to Edmonton. I never said I made it to
    Edmonton. With your bunch of Union bullshit in Canada, Telus wouldn't
    allow me to work directly in Edmonton. That's another reason I hate
    you're a bunch of lazy half breed, in-bred **** heads
    that can't find work on your own and have to have it handed to you.

    Brian Walker, Sep 19, 2010
  8. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I had was the only way you (being a pussy) could keep
    up!!! :)

    Speaking of (you being a pussy), let's get you a kitchen pass for
    tomorrow and go ride someplace!!!

    Hit me on my cell or facebook if you want to...

    Brian Walker, Sep 19, 2010
  9. Gotta stop changing your story, Brian. Back then you stated that you
    drove to Edmonton and had a different reason. Now you're saying you
    had nothing to do because while here, which means you had lots of time
    on your hands to meet at the designated meeting location.

    Anyone can look up the exchange:

    *********begin quote************

    LOL! Your excuses get thinner, more pathetic and contrived every
    you post, boy!

    First you're backing down, claiming you never bragged about how eager
    you were to face me down when you get the chance.

    Now, you're right here without any excuse and suddenly...

    "I'm too busy!"

    Oh no, wait, you already let it slip that you weren't too busy to go
    out. So now it becomes:

    "He not worth the effort!"

    How convenient, Coward! You sound just like your description of that
    TexDays fella.

    Here's your real story:

    Posturing and talking outta your ass like usual, you slipped up by
    stating here you were going to Edmonton - not remembering that's
    I live and that I might read it.

    Too late, you then found yourself in a trap of your own making, which
    you're unable to explain your way out of now.

    Dumb move boy because, unlike yourself, I'm not afraid to look you in
    the eye like a man. I can tell you're not used to that. I expose
    yappy little shits like you all the time. It would have been a
    pleasure to watch you piss your pants and then remind you of it
    as you spun your fanciful stories about Keith.

    And, below, you're squirming even harder, as you now try to pass some
    bullshit about how you told everyone where you were staying and how
    you could be contacted so easy. Really? Where is that, Brian? For
    some reason, you couldn't say right here, in the place you were
    out? That's pathetic, man. (gee, I have to stop calling you 'man' in
    the future - you've shown you aren't entitled to it)

    So here's the end of the matter, boy:

    Everyone here saw that I tried since Wednesday, taunting you to prove
    what kind of man you are, face-to-face, now that the perfect
    opportunity to meet has arose. I even suggested the place and time,
    leaving the door wide open for you to offer an alternate time and
    place if you needed.

    But only once you're leaving, you start talking again. What a

    And Instant Messanger? Is that how men settle their differences in
    Texas? You gonna type me to death, boy? Yeah, that's the way you'd
    like it, alright.

    Funny part is - knowing what an overweight, balding, unimpressive,
    puny little shit you are in real life - if you had been man enough to
    show, I would have gone easy on you; maybe giving you a level of
    respect for the courage to look me in the eye. But you couldn't
    up the guts for it and now you have to live with the reputation.
    Cowards die a thousand deaths.

    And here you go some more, with your long-distance threats and
    invitations. Yeah, lots of bravado again... as soon as you get
    thousands of miles away.

    Heh, heh. Sheee-it man, you love to build yourself up by making up
    stories based on peoples' misfortune. Just like Sunny's deer
    among so many others.

    Well, you like speculation, boy? How about people who speculated on
    your failure to be around when you were needed as a father? Was that
    baseless speculation, like the kind you engage in? I don't know.
    Seems it's also been said you couldn't be around when your dad needed
    you, so there's a hint of a trend. If I was of a mind to sink to your
    level for the sake of offering a parody of your behaviour, I could
    speculate on that - just like you do and in the way you do. That's
    challenge at all.

    The truth is that TexDays gave you a good snoot-full of your own
    medicine and you can't complain because you're every bit the same.
    now you complete the comparison as you run scared, afraid of the
    confrontation you criticized him so long for avoiding. Hah!

    You like to talk a big game, boy, but have a curious habit of being
    absent when crunch time comes - just like you're proving again now.
    It's long past time you practiced more on being a man and less on
    playing one on usenet.

    You're only too aware of what a failure and a coward you are. And
    don't fool yourself, you're easily understood by everyone. I've
    rarely seen someone who spends so much of his time threatening,
    posturing and braggng in an effort to persuade people he isn't.

    And this trip of yours to Calgary and Edmonton are also likely just
    signs of how much you are straining to find work now that things have
    gotten tight. I suspect that, as the economy worsens, you'll be
    bankrupt for the second time around, leaving creditors holding the
    ball again and passing the expense on to the rest of society...
    It's got to be a tough row to hoe, possessing the limited
    you display, while trying to survive in IT. Tough times tend to weed
    people like you out first.

    *********end quote************
    Road Glidin' Don, Sep 19, 2010
  10. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I think it's 10/1, 10/2, and 10/3. I just found out today that I might
    have to go to Cleveland on 10/4, so I'll likely (if that's the weekend
    of the ride with everyone) do the Saturday part and ride back that
    night so I can leave Sunday night. It'd be good to see you again.

    Brian Walker, Sep 21, 2010
  11. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    You spend WAY more time on me than I'd spend to you...I just don't
    value you as much as you do me.

    I didn't make fun of Sunny for running into a deer, only her begging
    for money in

    I didn't make fun of you for any "misfortune", only for running over a
    pedestrian and then blaming the pedestrian claiming she was trying to
    commit suicide (that was damned funny!!!).

    Damn right I stuck it to the banks and credit card
    companies...otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford this nice house in
    the country with lots of land, several REALLY nice motorcycles
    (including a really hot looking Goldwing), and several cars and
    pickups. Good thing Obama got me my subsidized medical
    care...otherwise I'd have to spend my money on healthcare instead of
    chrome and bullshit for my motorcycles....

    No I don't like Canadians. You're all just a bunch of bums, hobos, and
    you're all WAY too wordy (that means you talk WAY too much...look at
    the long assed posting above ^ ).

    Here's a "threat" for you, RoadPlow...I still have the court papers
    from where I was sued for $20k by Mark Johnson for personal
    injury...and I wasn't even the one who bitch slapped him!!! Think what
    I might be able to do had I actually been the one to bitch slap him
    instead of my 70+ year old Dad....the court in Dallas is STILL
    laughing over that one!!!

    Get a life, you Canadian Loser!!! Go find some pedestrians to run over
    and get your frustrations out....You're not even getting close to
    moving the needle on the meter!!! HAHAHA!!!!
    Brian Walker, Sep 21, 2010
  12. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I was sued for $20k and I was up the road talking to you and Waco
    (mostly Waco)...that's REALLY stupid!!!

    But, considering Mark Johnson used a divorce lawyer to file the suit,
    what do you expect?

    I wonder whatever happened to Mark Johnson??? I'll bet he hasn't been
    back to see Sunny since...
    Yeah, but he's WAY too sensitive. I can only imagine him sitting at
    his computer for a couple years just waiting to see me post
    again....did he REALLY not have anything better to do? Why does he
    even post to this group?

    I have better things to do than banter with him over stupid
    shit....hit me up on facebook or cell.

    Brian Walker, Sep 22, 2010
  13. Brian Walker

    Redshad Guest

    I am leaving here headed to Boonsville Arkansas on Thursday Sept 30th....We
    will be in Mena or Mt Magazine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I dont know
    how many are going yet but it will probably be about 20 or so. We always do
    the long ride on Saturday Oct 2nd. Come join us would be great
    to see you.

    Redshad, Sep 22, 2010
  14. Thanks Morgan. Same applies here.
    Heh, heh. Really?

    One word: Texdays.
    Road Glidin' Don, Sep 22, 2010
  15. Brian Walker

    Schiffner Guest

    Typical lying brian hows that sore ass of your liar? You know all that
    opportunity adn you never could man I just figure you
    t'weren't never worth the effort you little chicken.
    Schiffner, Nov 12, 2010
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