This week's eBay optimist

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by The Older Gentleman, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. The Older Gentleman, Apr 7, 2011
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  2. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    Mark Olson, Apr 7, 2011
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  3. Quite. And the seat and the front mudguard are wrong.
    A new ZG1400 for not much more than six grand? Blimey.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 7, 2011
  4. The Older Gentleman

    Ace Guest

    FFS. At 4 grand I'm not surprised at the zero bids.

    Even if it were reasonably priced, and I wanted another one[1] I'd
    really hate to deal with someone whose spelling was that bad.

    [1] Which of coutse a part of me does, as it was my first ever bike,
    back in 1976.
    Ace, Apr 7, 2011
  5. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    That didn't come out like I meant it to... I meant a new-style used
    Concours ZG1400 as opposed to the old-style Concours ZG1000.

    I owned a ZG1000 and they are an OK bike, but you'd have to have the
    cognitive abilities of a pissed gerbil to prefer one over an FJR,
    there's no comparison whatsoever.

    But this guy is only one of an endless procession of clueless sellers
    on Craiglist and elsewhere, who think their old tat is gold.
    Mark Olson, Apr 8, 2011
  6. The Older Gentleman

    F Murtz Guest

    F Murtz, Apr 8, 2011
  7. I once vaguely considered one as a cheapo tourer, before I bought the
    Trophy (and then the BMW), because you do seem to get an awful lot of
    bike and kit for not much money.

    I've met a few owners and the bikes seem reliable and long-lived (which
    is no surprise), but they do seem something of a lash-up.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 8, 2011
  8. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    I can't disagree. Making an allowance for the fact that it came out
    15 years previous to the FJR, it doesn't look quite so bad, but when
    you're asking for similar money, well, someone's out of touch. The
    Concours Owners Group are a pretty rabid bunch when it comes to
    defending the ZG1000 (though many/most of that organization have
    moved on to the ZG1400 now) but to a man, they would be the first to
    admit that this guy doesn't have his head screwed on straight.
    Mark Olson, Apr 8, 2011
  9. The Older Gentleman

    TOG@Toil Guest

    Kawasaki never seemed to develop the ZG. They gave it some new colours
    from time to time, and then, IIRC, they detuned it by about 10-15bhp,
    for some inexplicable reason. But later ones really looked exactly
    like the first ones. When you think what BMW did with the K100RT
    (which came out a year before the ZG), by developing it into the
    K1100LT and then the K1200LT, over more or less the same time-span
    that the ZG ran for, this is just.... well, it's just odd, considering
    the ZG was originally aimed head-on at BMW.

    Even Triumph tried to develop the Trophy. It started as a sports-
    tourer, and then they gave it a bigger fairing and a more upright
    riding position, and then they changed the screen design again, but I
    think that they, like Kawasaki, were trying to make a silk purse out
    of something that was a bit of a sow's ear. I think they made a better
    fist of it than Kawasaki, actually.
    TOG@Toil, Apr 8, 2011
  10. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    The de-tuning is news to me. Not saying it didn't happen but I'm fairly
    sure nothing of substance changed in the engines or carbs over the bike's
    lifetime[1]. If this had happened I'm sure I would have caught a whiff of
    it on the COG forum, if only from one group of owners needling others
    with lesser-spec engines.

    If you meant that they detuned it when they created the ZG shaft-drive
    variant from the Ninja 1000, that may well be.

    [1] cams[2] and carbs are the same from 86-06.
    [2] IIRC the intake and exhaust cams are the same part[3], but the sprockets
    are bolted on differently.
    [3] I know because I have a ruined set of cams I hadn't the heart[4] to
    throw away.
    [4] or brains.
    Mark Olson, Apr 8, 2011
  11. Pot, kettle?

    Macabre of Auchterloonie, Apr 8, 2011
  12. I'll have to dig out Bike magazine's late-model test. I'm sure they said
    it had been detuned.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 8, 2011
  13. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    FWIW, Motorcycle Consumer News tested the Concours in Dec 1996 and reported
    88.4 hp at the rear wheel. My seat-of-the-pants dynamometer measurements of
    my '98 model would agree with that number. Given the typical 15% reduction
    in hp from what is claimed at the crank to the back wheel, that would make
    a 100hp at the crank number believable. The Cycle World magazine review
    from their September 1986 issue says the hp claimed by Kawasaki was 108.

    Anyhow- with the smaller 32mm CVK carbs and milder cams I am sure it did not
    make the same power as the ZX1000R with 36mm carbs and hotter cams, which
    Cycle magazine tested at 105 rear wheel hp.
    Mark Olson, Apr 8, 2011
  14. Just dug it out. They claimed 92bhp for the 1994 model - the article
    said it had had 18bhp lopped off it due to emissions regs. Whether that
    was the same spec as the US model, I dunno.

    For 1994, the UK model got uprated suspension, tandem-piston brake
    calipers and semi-floating discs, a lower seat, new switchgear and
    slightly revised instruments. Oh, and a new front mudguard.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 8, 2011
  15. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    I /think/ we had a California spec and a 49 state spec version at some point,
    but I CBA to bother checking. Usually the only CA difference is adding an
    evaporative canister, but sometimes hard parts are changed as well.
    Yep, we got the same updates here. Anecdotal reports say that none of those
    mods made any difference worth mentioning except that some parts don't
    interchange between early and late models.
    Mark Olson, Apr 8, 2011
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