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    Not all of us are blessed with enough time and money to be able to join in a racing school and take all the necessary courses to improve our motorcycle racing skills. If this is your problem as well, you can still have success in your chosen hobby or profession just as long as you're willing to practice hard and make the most out of your free time.
    Basic Motorcycle Racing Lessons:

    1. Braking - Emergency stops are common in the field of motorcycle racing. This lesson however is difficult to learn so expect to spend lots of time falling on your butt while you're attempting to perform a successful emergency brake. The key to emergency braking is being fully conscious of what you're doing. There are many instances in motorcycle racing that you'll be required to make an emergency stop, and when you do, your movements will be initially instinctive and automatic. Although your instincts may be correct, you've a better chance of saving yourself - and your position in the race - if your mind's working as well. Also, when you're pressed with time, concentrate on making an emergency stop with the use of the front brake. Using both brakes requires too much concentration and coordination skills and would only further compromise your safety.

    2. Counter-Steering - If you've read lessons about counter-steering, you might be finding this particular move difficult to understand. The only thing you should remember when counter-steering is the rule "like follows like". If you're going right then it's your right hand that should be doing the work. It may seem complicated at first, but constant practice will soon make this move as natural as breathing.

    3. Cornering - Again, there are many instances that you'll be required to make this move so don't bother skipping this lesson and postponing it to another day. If you want to succeed in motorcycle racing, you need to corner this lesson right away! Firstly, practice making accurate calculations in a matter of seconds. One glance of your surroundings should be more than enough for you to learn the degree of which you're required to turn to the corner and the necessary speed and gear you should employ when doing so.
    Secondly, braking must be employed BEFORE you access the corner. The last requirement is simple: you need complete confidence in yourself. Confidence is the only thing that will enable you to increase your speed as you move even if your instincts are screaming to do the opposite. Confidence will teach you to trust your instincts, know when it's the right time to turn, and maintain your stability as you drive in a leaning position towards the end.
    cobija, Dec 24, 2010
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