Up to a dozen tornadoes rip through Dallas area

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Jim Bird, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Jim Bird

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    Did I call this or what?


    (Reuters) - Up to a dozen tornadoes skipped through the densely
    populated Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas on Tuesday, ripping
    apart homes and tossing tractor-trailer trucks into the air, but
    there were no reports of serious injuries or deaths.

    National Weather Service meteorologist Jesse Moore said that 10
    to 12 tornadoes touched down during a massive storm that brought
    chaos from high winds, rain and hail to the nation's fourth most
    populous metropolitan area.

    Many of the 6.3 million area residents were forced to scramble
    for safety as the storm bore down during the early afternoon,
    when schools and workplaces were open. Hundreds of homes and
    businesses were damaged, some of them extensively, but no one
    was reported killed or seriously injured.

    "We've seen roofs blown off, houses totally flattened, tractor-
    trailers knocked over," Moore said. "It was a bad day weather-
    wise for north Texas."

    One tornado lifted trucks like toys in the Flying J Truck Plaza
    in Dallas, said truck driver Michael Glennon, who caught the
    destruction on his video camera as debris swirled through the

    "The second trailer is ripped to pieces and thrown 50 to 100
    feet into the air," he told Reuters. Video broadcast of a truck
    parking lot showed a row of trailers peeled open and others
    piled on top of each other.

    The storm system was moving east into Oklahoma, Arkansas and
    Louisiana with the potential of producing high winds and more
    tornadoes on Tuesday evening, Moore said.

    Will Bobbi Sanchez and her associates begin looting at daylight?
    Jim Bird, Apr 4, 2012
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