Vermeulen's big day is a big ask: Beattie

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Birdman, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Birdman

    Birdman Guest

    Beattie stayed awake long enough to dribble this:

    Vermeulen's big day is a big ask: Beattie
    By Peter McKay
    October 11, 2005

    Victoria's unpredictable weather may be Chris Vermeulen's greatest
    enemy as he gets to grips with an unfamiliar bike in his MotoGP debut
    in the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island this weekend.

    Rising superbike star Vermeulen will ride the Camel Honda machine of
    injured compatriot Troy Bayliss without as much as a familiarising
    shakedown. He won't get aboard the Honda V5 until Friday morning.

    Former 500cc GP campaigner Daryl Beattie cautions that it's "a big ask
    to expect Chris to get comfortable on a MotoGP bike this weekend, even
    though it's a four-stroke [like a superbike]".

    Beattie said: "Chris needs good weather so he can get straight down to
    business. And he needs to get his head around the engineering data
    from the bike - that's important."

    Beattie suggests Vermeulen should try not to worry much about the
    importance of the weekend, and that hopefully he might get carried
    along in Sunday's race. "If he can go all right at the Island, it'll
    secure him a ride at the last two races and probably next year," said

    The Honda hierarchy are known to be in the Vermeulen cheer squad and a
    solid ride on debut will help cement a full-time MotoGP ride, perhaps
    as early as next year.

    Former world superbike champ Colin Edwards, who switched to the
    premier class but is still chasing his first win, admits he's curious
    to see how Vermeulen will adapt to the MotoGP bike.

    "Being a home race at a track that he knows, he might get on the bike
    and absolutely fly," said Edwards. "On the other hand, he might get on
    the bike and might not be used to it and not understand it and not be
    able to set it up properly. These bikes nowadays are so sensitive to
    set-up that if you don't have it within 99.8 per cent perfect, guys
    are going to walk away from you."

    Edwards, who has to cope with the psychological battering of being
    teammate to the peerless Valentino Rossi, reckons he sees world
    championship material in another Australian - Aprilia-mounted Casey
    Stoner, currently second in the world 250cc chase.

    "If you ask me, Casey Stoner is a future MotoGP champion," enthused
    Edwards. "The kid has got a determination and a will that does not
    stop, and that's what it takes. Travelling round the world doing what
    we do, living out of suitcases, it doesn't seem to affect him that

    "He's definitely got a bright future ahead of him. As long as he keeps
    his head screwed on straight and keeps looking forward, he's gonna be
    there. I don't want to start any rumours but I have had a word with
    Yamaha about Casey myself. I've put in a good word for him. I think
    anybody at this time would be crazy not to consider Casey for a MotoGP

    ¦ Vermeulen couldn't quite seal his world superbike season with a
    confidence-boosting win in France on Sunday before jetting to

    Emerging talent Lorenzo Lanzi took victory in the final race of the
    championship at Magny-Cours after the chain on Vermeulen's Ten Kate
    Honda slipped off late in the race.

    Vermeulen had earlier won the opening leg and had looked set to take
    the double.

    Troy Corser, who clinched the title at the previous round, had a
    shocker in qualifying and started 16th on the grid in both races but
    came home fifth and fourth.

    In the world supersport finale, Broc Parkes finished on a high,
    scoring his first win in the series ahead of Yamaha teammate and
    fellow Australian Kevin Curtain.
    Birdman, Oct 11, 2005
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  2. Birdman

    Conehead Guest

    Which part do you reckon Beattie 'dribbled'?

    I would have thought if he gets a point he would be rapt. You, biggus, in
    your usual bitter and blinkered fashion, would no doubt see anything other
    than a win as a failure.

    Conehead, Oct 11, 2005
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  3. Birdman

    Nev.. Guest

    I think it's more a case of Biggus not liking any Aussie who beats the
    champ. Beattie finished 20 points ahead of Doohan in '93 & McCoy won
    more races than Rossi in '00.

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Oct 11, 2005
  4. Birdman

    Birdman Guest

    Which part do you reckon Beattie 'dribbled'?
    Na just his robot voice when hes commentating.
    sort of agree. I think he would have high expectations of himself with
    the honda factory boss' being there... Have read he is hard on himself
    on the other hand, having seen how many people can just jump on these
    things and win first time out, I'd expect 2nd would be a good result.
    Birdman, Oct 11, 2005
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