VF700C overheats and kills

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by suprmgna, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. suprmgna

    suprmgna Guest

    Okay, I’ve been here before and thought I fixed it. I’ve got an 87
    Honda SuperMagna with the VF700C. A few weeks ago I was riding it to
    my first glorious trip to the beach as I just moved to Florida and it
    died out on me. The way it died was kinda the same as when you run
    out of gas (no that wasn’t the case). So I posted to here and was
    told to clean my carbs and idle jets. So I gave them the ole 4 hour
    clean. I also noticed my front coil was overheating, so I ordered
    both front and rear and replaced them. Tonight I was on my way to
    bring my bike back to my house from the in-laws then take it in the
    morning for that glorious trip to the beach I wanted 6 weeks ago, and
    guess what.... I made it 2 miles down the road and the same thing

    So the symptoms are:
    - When it dies it dies the same as running out of gas
    - There is an exhaust smell (probably cause its 18 years old)
    - There is an electrical burn smell (probably the cause of my
    problems, but since I have fixed everthing behind the coils, I’m
    guessing its something before the coils and my expertise fall short

    So would there be anyone so kind as to help me get to my so desired
    trip to the beach??????

    Thanks in advance,
    suprmgna, Jul 23, 2005
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  2. Can you touch the back side of the ignition switch? Does it get so hit
    you can't touch it? I've had two ignition switches get so hot they
    melted. One melted the solder where the wires connected to it. Also,
    check your kill switch contacts and all electrical connections from the
    fuse box (and any separate main fuse) glear to the ignition coils.
    Well, if you really really really want to GO TO THE BEACH, get on a BUS
    and GO, don't let a silly motorbike keep you from the sun and the sand
    and the sea, and the babes in their thong swimsuits...
    krusty kritter, Jul 23, 2005
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