Vietnam Motorcycle Active Adventure Tours

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  1. Vietnam is a wonderful place for motorcycling in Asia as the country
    scenery changes fast from one region to another and the roads
    conditions are quite good. Whether you want a long and rigorous
    motorcycling trip from the North to South, along the Ho Chi Minh trail
    or just a day trip motorcycling to the countryside around Hanoi,
    Hoian…, our team of adventure lovers will be there to assist you for
    every step.

    Ho Chi Minh Trail Ride (9 Days)
    Ho Chi Minh Trail RideThe Ho Chi Minh trail was a logistical system
    that ran from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) to
    the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) through the neighboring
    kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia....

    A Short Riding Trip to Mai Chau (2 Days)
    A Short Riding Trip to Mai ChauMai Chau is about 160km from Hanoi. The
    valley is home to the White Thai people. They live on stilt-house
    surrounded by small ponds of fish and immense green paddy fields.
    After a day ride through green tea platations, paddy fields, you will
    be welcome by warm-hearted and smiling people.

    The North Central Riding Experience (5 Days)
    The North Central Riding ExperienceWe pass steadily upwards through
    areas inhabited by Thai peoples, followed by the Dao and H'Mong
    ethnicities at higher altitudes. The road surface is by no means
    smooth but the winding route offers magnificent views out over 6
    ranges of mountains.

    Mekong Delta Motorcycling Tour (7 Days)
    Mekong Delta Motorcycling TourThe delta is a web of Mekong River
    waterways covering an area of about 60,000km (37,200 miles) across 12
    provinces. A fifth of the population lives in this delta.

    Riding Along the Central Coast (7 Days)
    Riding Along the Central CoastJoining with this 7 day trip will give
    you another picture of Southern part of Vietnam. You will enjoy the
    beautiful beaches in Vung Tau and Mui Ne, and also nice mountains in
    Da Lat.

    Lang Son and Cao Bang Motorbike Tour (9 Days)
    Lang Son and Cao Bang Motorbike TourThis 9 day trip will bring you to
    many nice places in mountainous eare of Vietnam. You will climb up to
    the peak of Mau Son mountain. An old French hill station at over 1,500
    metres over the sea.
    lotussia-travel-vietnam, May 16, 2009
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