Virago valve adjustment

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by dev, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. dev

    dev Guest

    I am wondering about the valve adjustment on my 91 virago 750. When i
    bring the cylinders to TDC on the compression stroke (verfied by
    timing marks under ignition cover) the valves are closed and the the
    rockers are loose( i can wiggle them) but this is not the spot of the
    widest gap. When i rotated the piston to BDC with the intake valve
    open there is more gap on the exhaust valve than at TDC on compresson
    stroke. Same goes for intake valve when the exhaust valve is open and
    same thing on both cylinders. There are no timings marks at these
    positions. Why wouldn't the gap be more at TDC? Last adjustment i
    rotated the engine to find the largest gap and set that gap at spec.
    This time i tried it using timing marks and now have some valve noise
    i didn't before, mainly at idle and just off idle. Not excessive but
    noticeable. Before i readjusted i checked the clearance at TDC and
    couldn't get a .002" feeler in but could wiggle the rocker. I am
    thinking that the clearances need to be at spec at TDC with the timing
    marks lined up but why is the gap appr .003" more at te other
    position?? The bike runs fine and no noticeable difference after
    re-adjusting the valves, just a little more noisy. Also are the marks
    an I for the front and an "F" (with quotes)for the rear?(i know i need
    a manual!) TIA for comments, Dev
    dev, Jul 5, 2004
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  2. dev

    dev Guest

    Thanks alot for the info. I'll verify the correct way to adjust them.
    I suspected that i had done them wrong before after reading a article
    on adjusting valves for viragos. I hope i haven't done any damage to
    the valves since its been about 2700 miles since i adjusted them
    wrong. It has always run good, never had any problems missing or
    anything. both plugs look fine. Maybe i'll run a compression check
    just to make sure both cylinders have about the same compression.
    Other than that i guess i'll just ride it and keep an eye on it.
    Thanks again,
    dev, Jul 7, 2004
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