Virago XV535 manual?

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Bumblebeeman1150, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. I'd like to be permitted a wanted to buy message, please?

    A friend of mine has finally scraped together the cash for a 1995
    Virago 535 but it came with no info at all. She's a very determined
    single mum and can do basic mechanical work herself but could use a
    manual. Anyone have a Clymer or Haynes workshop manual for the 535
    that you'd sell cheap, or an owner's manual you might even donate?

    Please e-mail me at bumblebeeman1150(at) if you can help.

    She's a good soul who's done it tough. The bike is her first reward in


    Bumblebeeman1150, Oct 14, 2006
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  2. Bumblebeeman1150

    madmick Guest

    madmick, Oct 14, 2006
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  3. Bumblebeeman1150

    MrMoped Guest

    I have both clymer manual and owners manual for the 535 - I've e-mailed you
    with what I think is reasonable.

    Mr M
    MrMoped, Oct 15, 2006

  4. Mad Mick and Mr Moped; thanks to both of you. Very useful and just
    what I needed to find.


    Bumblebeeman1150, Oct 15, 2006
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