welding damaged clip-on

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by vifer, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. vifer

    vifer Guest

    one of my tarozzi clipons on my darmah went crack when i tried lifting
    the front to manouvre the bike around a car.

    they are the adjustable type made of an alloy, aluminium i think. On
    closer inspection i noticed a crack around the collar that clamps
    around the fork tube.

    Before i bite the bullet and dosh out for a new pair. $280 (ouch)
    i thought i float the question here

    Can the crack be welded and still retain its strength? anyone
    recommend a competent alloy welder in Melbourne?

    vifer , Sep 3, 2007
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  2. vifer

    Biggus..... Guest

    Try andrew D&F Racing in carrum downs.
    Biggus....., Sep 3, 2007
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  3. vifer

    JL Guest

    Yes aluminium alloy can be welded by a good welder, however I would
    suggest if it's fatigued enough to crack when lifted it's likely to
    fail again at a point slightly displaced from the new weld (ie the
    next weakest point).

    JL, Sep 4, 2007
  4. vifer

    vifer Guest

    The thought of it cracking again or worst still coming straight off
    the fork while im travelling at speed, has got me ditching the idea of
    fixing it, and instead i'll buy a new pair.

    Might go for a steel pair from roadandrace rather than alloy. a bit
    paranoid? maybe. just lost a bit of faith on alloy after that mishap.

    vifer , Sep 4, 2007
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