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Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by BJayKana, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. BJayKana

    BJayKana Guest

    (March 8th -- 11th-06)

    ~~~We left Thursday morning, hauling our Bike to Forney, our
    daughter/husband were waiting. Honey and I were a few hours late
    leaving here because of hard wind & rain. Got there, packed and geared
    up, and headed south to Austin. Arrived there about 7pm, tired.
    ~Friday morning we were off and running on 290west. Destination:
    Fredericksburg. But mainly to Luckenback, 5 miles south of
    I have wanted to goto Luckenback for 20 odd years. Every since Waylon,
    Willie and the boyz were there (wink). Remember theat great song, ''Lets
    go to Luckenback, Texas''. Where nobody's feeling no pain!''(1976)!
    ~That evening we ended up in Kerrville.
    Next morning, Saturday, rode down to the cowboy town of Bandera. Dranked
    one or two, and walked around, lots of Bikes there. Cool little Texas
    ~Now, we are gonna ride the famous loop, down to Utopia, up and around
    to Medina.~Now right in here I almost got in trouble, so to speak.
    (Gas!). I hit reserve at Utopia, no fuel stores here. We did not know
    there ''wern't no' gas'' stations on this little 85 mile loop.~
    Earlier,when we left Bandera, I planned to fuel up, thinking I could at
    one of them 'little ole' towns, and drank a coke., ya' know.
    ~But~ made it up to Medina, and buddy, there was only one Mom-&-Pop old
    fashion gas store there! And I'm running on fumes. (grin)~
    ~As I was topping off mine, this feller rides up on a Valk, and when he
    turned off his big ole V6, he said, ''WOW, I left Bandera thinking I
    could fuel up along the loop, but had to hit reserve, no gas stores, and
    got here, with only 5 miles left on reserve,'' The very same thang' that
    I experienced, we all got a good grin out of that.
    ~My sonNLaws big old harley was okay, but my Magna will only go 115,
    before reserve .
    ~~That was a beautiful ride, not any Flowers yet, little early they say.
    But!! plenty of DEER. ~~My God we saw atleast 9 dead ones on that
    stretch. In all my years of riding NE Texas, and all of Arkansas, never
    seen that many dead deer along side of the road, on ''one'' ride. ~~Now
    when ones sees a dead one, that means somebody hit that deer, right? ~it
    could've been a vehicle, could've been a Biker. (Now that was alarming
    to us.) We ain't use'ta seeing no dead deer, laying right close to the
    dern road, like that. and out in the fields, like cattle.(grin!)
    ~By 6pm, we are back in Austin. We go down town on the famous 6th
    street, and do a little twostepping and stuff. ~Next morning (today,
    Sunday). we're off to Forney. Get there 11pm, load the Magna on the
    trailer, and in comfort come home.
    ~Our trip was about 625 miles, 342 of it was in the Hill country,riding
    two up, with our gals. (grin).
    later, Bjay~~~
    BJayKana, Mar 13, 2006
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  2. BJayKana

    Wakko Guest

    That surely is the best riding in Texas, that area. Glad you had a
    enjoyable trip.
    Wakko, Mar 14, 2006
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