What is the correct phrase fo rthe following?

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by [email protected], Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Cool. Do you do vigilante work for all minor crimes or just phone related
    stuff? If its the former then could you pop round and sort out some litter
    bugs for me when you get a minute.
    [email protected], Jul 6, 2004
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  2. flash@work

    Mark W Guest

    Followingg a Merc into work, he's on his mobile, so as I go by I
    shout, and I quote "Put your phone down". Quite civilised I thought.
    Anyway, Mr Merc takes umbridge, and pulls up behind at the lights
    "pretends" to nudge me - i.e. pulls forward 3 foot very quickly, hangs
    out windows shouting and gesticulating (sp??). I guess he didn't
    realise I couldn't hear anything with ear plugs and helmet, so I put
    down side stand, get off bike, wander back and explain to him (quite
    crossly) that people like him on mobiles are a hazard to bikers, he
    explains that we are all crap riders etc etc, and to be honest the
    language got rather Angelo Saxon at this point.

    Anyway, I was wondering what the correct phrase is for dealing with
    these types? "Please put your phone away" or F*** Off C*** perhaps?

    just wodnering like.
    Mark W, Jul 6, 2004
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  3. flash@work

    Mark W Guest

    :)))) TBH I was surprised he got *that* annoyed, but I guess his
    defence was "It was an impoertant call". But the idea of vigilante
    works does appeal - te he - "Oi you get off the grass or they'll be
    trouble" - you're right, They'll be after speeding next - oh hang
    Mark W, Jul 6, 2004
  4. flash@work

    Big Tony Guest

    Either ignore it as it's just a pratt on a phone or show him what your made
    of a beat the crap out of him and his expensive car. I wouldn't advise
    anything inbetween these two extremes. You must decide what response is most
    Big Tony, Jul 6, 2004
  5. flash@work

    Mike Guest

    It's over? Did that Mr Hitler resign? Can I come out now?
    Mike, Jul 6, 2004
  6. flash@work

    Mike Guest

    Now that did make me smile.
    Mike, Jul 6, 2004
  7. flash@work

    Logorrhea Guest

    I find that humour - or sarcasm, at least - is quite effective. Last summer
    I was struggling along the Embankment, and at one set of lights came
    alongside a newly-registered, ever-so-shiny BMW X5 Tonka-toy. Driver was
    very ostentatiously on his phone, elbow sticking out the window. I just had
    to lean in and ask, nice and loud, "Can you simply not *afford* a £10
    hands-free kit, then?"
    Logorrhea, Jul 6, 2004
  8. flash@work

    Mark W Guest

    That's it - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!
    Mark W, Jul 6, 2004
  9. flash@work

    Champ Guest

    Why don't you just get on with your life, instead of getting fired up
    by these little annoyances?
    Champ, Jul 6, 2004
  10. flash@work

    porl Guest

    S'ok I s'pose. Not very catchy though.
    porl, Jul 6, 2004
  11. flash@work

    dwb Guest

    Overtake, never worry about them again.
    You've just proven why it isn't a good idea - some people take offence and
    are unlikely to be reasoned with.
    Ergo, why bother?
    dwb, Jul 6, 2004
  12. flash@work

    Mark W Guest

    Sadly because it was kinda fun? Oh, hang on that's the excuse all the
    footie hooligans were using in the 80's - you're right - I consider
    myself chastised :)
    Mark W, Jul 6, 2004
  13. flash@work

    dwb Guest

    Yes but who are you to tell other road users what to do? Could you handle
    them telling you off for speeding?

    Think about it - you're on a bike - you're at a disadvantage if it really
    kicked off - they could just drive the car straight over your bike - what
    can you do - knock a wing mirror off?

    Anyway, do what you like - I'm a wuss and mind my own business for the most
    dwb, Jul 6, 2004
  14. flash@work

    Mark W Guest

    Yup, as I said, I hang my head in shame - it was just he was; not
    exactly all over the road,; but certainly driving a bit carelessly.
    Mark W, Jul 6, 2004
  15. It was somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the
    Just lean in the window and say, "I think that's for me."



    GS 850 x2 / SE 6a
    FUB KotL OSOS#12? UKRMMA#19 COSOC#10
    Grimly Curmudgeon, Jul 6, 2004
  16. flash@work

    WavyDavy Guest

    If I can be arsed, I ask in a calm, polite voice how they can afford such a
    nice car but are too tight to spend a tenner on a hands free kit and if,
    perchance, the answer to that question is "Because I am retarded."

    WavyDavy, Jul 6, 2004
  17. flash@work

    Catman Guest

    Was his window open? Taking the phone and lobbing it as far as you can
    (preferably into a drain) should work :>

    Catman MIB#14 SKoGA#6 TEAR#4 BOTAFOF#38 Apostle#21 COSOC#3
    Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (Remove rust to reply)
    Alfa 116 Giulietta 3.0l (Really) Sprint 1.7
    Triumph Speed Triple: Black with extra black bits
    Catman, Jul 6, 2004
  18. flash@work

    Ben Blaney Guest

    The phrase I would use if you said that to me, would be "**** off".
    Ben Blaney, Jul 7, 2004
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