What people are saying about Chester the Molester Burnore

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by PUT GARY BEHIND BARS NOW, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. REPOST of Nancy Baldacci (mother of Gary's victim) account of what

    After lurking for several months, biting my lip every time I
    read a Burnore lie, I have decided to set the record
    straight about some things. My name is not important but
    what is important is I am a friend of Rachael Baldacci and
    was with her during some very hard times in her life.

    First thing is first. I've read Gary Burnore's account of
    how things went down and it disgusted me. He has attempted
    to place himself in the best possible light and in the
    process has come up with a pack of lies. He has also
    attempted to paint my friend as a whore who instigated this
    whole mess. It's all lies. The truth gets told now.

    Gary has tried to downplay what happened by constantly
    bringing up the fact that Rachael was 17 when he ran into
    his legal problems. What Gary has left out of the story is
    she was only 15 when they first met. She was a typical,
    confused, troubled 15 year old girl. She felt awkward in
    school, around boys, she often told me she felt like a
    square peg in a round world. She had a difficult time
    growing up, with a lack of a male parental role in the
    household, but that is another story. When Gary came into
    her life she was in need of parental guidance, a
    role model. What she got was something much more sinister.

    After reading some other accounts of what happened let me
    just say Gary Burnore did not rape her in the traditional
    sense of the word. A few weeks after her 16th birthday they
    began having sexual intercourse and it was something she
    thought she wanted. With the benefit of hindsight she has
    told me she realizes she had just been manipulated by a man
    old enough to ber her Father. But what do 16 year old girls
    know about love? She thought she was in love but got taken
    for a ride.

    At the time Gary was pursuing a sexual relationship with
    Rachael he was also nursing a relationship with her Mother,
    a relationship Rachael says she now believes was started
    so he could get closer to her. At about this time Rachael
    started having reservations about was was going on. She told
    Gary she wanted to break it off, that she didn't want
    to hurt her Mother. This enraged Gary and he told her if she
    broke it off he'd tell her Mom that she came on to him and
    her mom would hate her and disown her for it. She
    reluctantly continued their one sided sex affair up until a
    few weeks after her 17th birthday.

    I'm going to spare the torrid details of how things were
    brought to a close, the court proceedings and the
    restitution payments, that is all a matter of public record
    anyway. It is true that due to a good lawyer and some clever
    twisting of dates and facts Gary Burnore did not spend a day
    in jail. They originally charged him with statutory rape but
    his lawyer got it pleabargained down to a lesser offense.
    Gary got off with a slap on the wrist but the emotional
    damage he caused a young girl and her Mother are
    incalculable. Gary's probation may be up but Rachael will
    suffer because of this for the rest of her life.
    PUT GARY BEHIND BARS NOW, Jun 17, 2004
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  2. [fiction snipped]

    Oops nothing left.

    That's all over google, fool. Come up with something new, ya boring
    Gary L. Burnore, Jun 17, 2004
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    databasix Guest

    Why do you keep repeating yourself using different aliases, Mr G?
    databasix, Jun 18, 2004
  4. Sucks to be you.
    Walter Sickert, Jun 20, 2004
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