What's that coming over the hill...

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by antonye, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. antonye

    antonye Guest

    antonye, Apr 7, 2009
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  2. Jesus, is it me, or is that just a *seriously* crap forum?
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 7, 2009
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  3. Using the patented Mavis Beacon "Hunt&Peck" Technique, The Older
    It is, and the cunts spam me from time to time. Apparently I have to
    "log in" to tell them not to. Yeah. Right.
    Wicked Uncle Nigel, Apr 7, 2009
  4. All web-based forums are seriously crap, aren't they? Anyone got an
    vulgarandmischevious, Apr 8, 2009
  5. antonye

    Pip Guest

    #Look out, there's a monster coming ...

    Bonzo Dog Doodah Band, for the hard of thinking.
    Pip, Apr 8, 2009
  6. antonye

    Higgins Guest

    They're also spamming cunts who won't take **** off for an answer.
    Higgins, Apr 8, 2009
  7. antonye

    Higgins Guest

    Ha, I fell for that, thinking that I must have signed up and forgotten
    about it, only to find a bunch of random address details.

    Clearing the "don't send me shit" box doesn't work, neither does email
    to .
    Higgins, Apr 8, 2009
  8. antonye

    CT Guest

    CT, Apr 8, 2009
  9. antonye

    CT Guest

    But is it an Automatic?
    CT, Apr 8, 2009
  10. antonye

    zymurgy Guest

    The FJ1200 one is quite good, but it's shared with the FJR1300 group,
    so the age group is a bit higher. Can be a bit pipe and slippers ;)

    zymurgy, Apr 8, 2009
  11. antonye

    antonye Guest

    For the People?
    antonye, Apr 8, 2009
  12. antonye

    ogden Guest

    The SV one's alright, if a bit touchy-feely.

    The Gixerjunkies one is fucking abysmal.
    ogden, Apr 8, 2009
  13. antonye

    Simon Wilson Guest

    I occasionally look on the for sale board, just to see what they have.
    I do have a registered login but have never been spammed.
    Simon Wilson, Apr 8, 2009
  14. antonye

    CT Guest

    Not quite.

    You do know who sang the song of which lyrics you quoted, don't you?
    CT, Apr 8, 2009
  15. antonye

    darsy Guest

    generally, yes.
    can't think of one, no.

    Also remember, visordown has a lot of people on it who couldn't hack
    ukrm/usenet in general.
    darsy, Apr 8, 2009
  16. antonye

    antonye Guest

    Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that this was UKRM and we were doing
    one of those boring jokes where each poster replies with a
    subtle, yet unfunny, reply based upon the same theme.
    antonye, Apr 8, 2009
  17. antonye

    ogden Guest

    CT in derailing a cascade shocker.
    ogden, Apr 8, 2009
  18. antonye

    darsy Guest

    hang on, I thought you were in favour of him stopping cascades?
    darsy, Apr 8, 2009
  19. antonye

    CT Guest

    I'm confused.
    CT, Apr 8, 2009
  20. antonye

    darsy Guest

    I have been for a long time - I'm getting to prefer it this way.
    darsy, Apr 8, 2009
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