Wheelies, Road Skill, Track Drill and Setup courses...

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Superbike-Coach, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Wheelies, Road Skill, Track Drill and Setup courses...

    Wheelies, Road Skill, Track Drill and Setup courses... Superbike-

    You have your Motorcycle License and now you lookin for the real
    riding skills? Regardless if you are or want to a rookie, racer, a
    cruiser, a tourer or a track day rider… you can learn more by
    practicing, and maybe success will come to you. Or you can learn it
    the hard way, a possibly painful way.

    But there is a different approach… an alternative, but only when you
    wanna do it just right! Try to get a professional who has the ability
    to coach you, in all aspects of this complex art. One of those
    professionals is the Superbike Coach.

    Check out the “Road Skill Course” today and sign up for just $89 >>>
    (Additional courses are available: Track Drill, Wheelie Course, Road
    Skill, Setup Course… individual and group coaching)

    - All Road Skill courses/classes cost $89 and they are restricted to 6
    participants. The cost for individual coaching is just $249 per day;
    this is what is booked the most at this time.
    - Track Drill costs $249
    - Setup Course costs $29 and takes 2-3 hours for riding and clicking.
    The spots are restricted to 20 participants.
    - Wheelie Course will probably cost $299, and you use our Wheelie
    - DMV Skill Test Prep. We show you the way trough the circle for only

    Superbike-Coach, Dec 17, 2010
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