Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Westexas Rider, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hi y'all. I'm still around.

    I'm just waiting for my bike to be triked out. It's got a Datsun rear
    end (smallest made).

    The trike will be all red and chrome. The only black will be the
    tires and bits of the engine (for now). I've already re-covered the
    seats (myself), which are "red". Looks sharp! I even stitched a cool
    pattern in the front seat cover.

    All I need do right now, is to recover the back rest pad (red). Of
    course I'll have to paint the trike when it's finished. I also want
    to find red grips, or maybe I'll make those too.

    The trike portion will be sheet metal, not fiberglass. All hand
    crafted by a friend that has triked bikes and made choppers for almost
    40 years. Now as soon as Geezer gets done with the VW trike he's
    finishing up for someone else, it's my turn!

    I'd like it to be finished and running by May 22, when we have the
    bike show/run, at the Eastland VFW Post 4136 but if it isn't, there's
    always another time. I'm just anxious to put it on the road.

    One of these days, if you see a solid red and chromed custom trike go
    whizzing past, that will probably be me. Catch me... if you can. :)

    Y'all take care, ride safe.
    Westexas Rider, May 10, 2010
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  2. Gee, this newsgroup is dead...

    I thought I would amend this and say that he's working on the trike
    now... and it just might be ready for me to paint it soon. As if
    anyone cares...

    See ya on the road.
    Westexas Rider, May 12, 2010
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  3. On 5/11/2010 11:06 PM, Westexas Rider wrote:
    Yep, it's died away to nothing, last few posts I made were totally ignored
    so I figured I was in everyone's kill file. I seldom bother to even check it
    Have fun on the trike.

    I guess everyone's out ridin'.
    Harold Gailey, May 13, 2010
  4. You're not in my kill file. I don't even have a kill file.
    Why would I kill file you? Why would anyone?!
    Kill files are for sissies. ;-)
    Thank you, sir. I plan to do just that.
    I always swore I'd never give up two wheels... but sometimes one has
    to agree to a compromise.

    BTW, there has been a change in plans. Red seats, royal blue bike. I
    played around with photoshop and by far, the red seats on a blue trike
    looks best. The seats and backrest pad are ready for the trike. So
    am I!

    Take care, ride safe and if you can make it to our bike show/run on
    May 22nd, please do!
    If I make it through surgery (the 19th), I'll be there, with, or
    without the trike...

    Westexas Rider, May 13, 2010
  5. How is my favorite Texan with the sexy accent doing these days?

    A trike? Very cool. Are you and your hubby building it? With his
    building skills and your painting talents, I will be looking forward
    to seeing the finished product.

    I modified the Harley a little bit. My talents are not comparable to
    yours but it looks ok. Here are a few pictures:

    We are going to be in Chama New Mexico in June. Any chance you and Joe
    could come visit?
    don (Calgary), May 13, 2010
  6. Any time Pender.
    don (Calgary), May 14, 2010
  7. Hi Don! I still think you need your ears checked. hehe
    I'm hanging in there alright, thanks. How my favorite Canadian
    doing? ;-)
    Joe is helping our friend Walter, to build the trike. It's on hold
    again though. Walter's wife died last night, in route by care-flight
    to Abilene, due to a blood clot on the lung. I'm not doing so great
    at the moment... Mary and Walter are mine and Joe's best friends and
    she is/was also my VFW Post 4136 Ladies Auxiliary sister.

    Pardon if I use this moment for an announcement...

    Walter (Geezer, a.k.a. Silver Bird) has a lot of biker and Vietnam
    Veteran brothers. If any of them see this, Mary will be buried at the
    Post Oak Cemetery, Monday, May 17, 2010 at 2:00 P.M.
    Sweet! You did a great job... I like it!
    Would love to but oh, if you only knew.... June is a really busy month
    around here.

    If you make it to Texas, let me know and I'll prepare the guest room.
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.
    Westexas Rider, May 14, 2010
  8. Thanks, Mike. She's with the angels, just as she was an angel here on

    I hope to see you Saturday...

    Ride safe,
    Westexas Rider, May 20, 2010
  9. Hi Vic, been a long time.
    Thank you. Yes, she was part of my family (and I hers) and always
    will be. Mary Lou is sorely missed by many.

    It's good to hear from you, Vic. If you ever want to reach me via
    email, I am at:
    sunny dot will at att dot net.

    I've been busier than a 1 legged man at an A$$ kicking contest but I
    always reply to my emails... in a timely manner! ;-)

    All the best,
    Westexas Rider, May 20, 2010
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