Where has all the bacon gone?

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by James Mayfield, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Under 9 hours of bonus round to go, and so much for the increased police

    I have done, over the 11 days, about 1500km by bike and car, including
    several commutes, and a few day trips. I have seen a total of 3 cops.

    I have a theory as to where all the cops have gone.

    Krispy Creme has sprung up everywhere over the last 12 months or so. Now we
    have no cops on the road. Co-incidence?
    James Mayfield, Jan 3, 2005
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  2. James Mayfield

    FuTAnT Guest

    That depends on the roads you've been travelling on. If you would like to
    venture onto the pacific highway/freeway etc I think you'd find a fair few
    cops. If you stick to the back roads there won't be too many. I've travelled
    a few times from Syd to Bris in the "cop freak out" sessions and seen zero
    cops all the way, but then again, it was the twisty way!

    FuTAnT, Jan 3, 2005
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  3. James Mayfield

    fred Guest

    hey futant, you got a new bike yet?

    fred, Jan 3, 2005
  4. One of my trips was Parramatta -> Lake Macquarie on the Freeway. Saw 2 out
    of the 3 on that trip.
    James Mayfield, Jan 3, 2005
  5. James Mayfield

    ic Guest

    Yesterday I did a 1 km round trip from home to fill the tank, and was breath
    tested on the way to, and the way back from the servo. They even provided
    entertainment while I was filling up by pulling over a pissed driver outside
    the servo that refused to stop for the RBT!

    ic, Jan 3, 2005
  6. James Mayfield

    Dave Ello Guest

    Drove Sydney - Gloucester on Friday afternoon (Christmas Eve) via Wollombi,
    Broke, Singleton, Dungog - no cops. Drove Gloucester to Wauchope Christmas
    morning via Taree and Pac. Hwy - no cops. Drove Wauchope to Sydney on
    Boxing Day afternoon via Pac. Hwy, about 2 cops, only 1 with radar up my

    Sydney - Wauchope - Sydney: 3 police (effectively 2). ???

    Dave Ello, Jan 3, 2005
  7. James Mayfield

    Nev.. Guest

    There might be an increased presence if they employed more over the
    christmas/new year holiday period, but they don't, so it's unlikely that there
    will be much of an difference in what you see as a motorist. They probably
    have fewer cops tied up in court during this period, but the difference is
    probably consumed by people taking leave.

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Jan 3, 2005
  8. James Mayfield

    Will S Guest

    Well coming back from Melb I had some bacon sit behind me for around 30 mins

    and I saw a lot more then that
    Will S, Jan 3, 2005
  9. James Mayfield

    Nev.. Guest

    Which way? If you were on the Hume Hwy or the Princes Hwy you're just asking
    to speed checked every half hour. Why didn't you just slow down or pull over
    and let them pass? I made the same mistake myself crossing the Nullabor in my
    car a few years back. There was a cop car following me, so naturally I was
    doing the right thing and giving all oncoming traffic a flash of the highbeams
    to warn them, because everyone is speeding across there. After about 5 - 10
    mins I smacked myself in the head, and the next car that came along I just
    waved to apologetically. Sure enough, as soon as the cop's radar got a
    reading on the other car's speed he was off my tail :)

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Jan 3, 2005
  10. James Mayfield

    Will S Guest

    It was dual laneway and he could have passed whenever he liked. Wasn't sure
    if I may have gone 10k's over so just ignored him and hoped . I think he was
    a pig
    and just playing games..... well **** him
    Will S, Jan 3, 2005
  11. James Mayfield

    FuTAnT Guest

    Nope ... will be a few more months before I can be arsed thinking about it.
    Maybe 2006 even depending on what I decide to do.

    FuTAnT, Jan 3, 2005
  12. James Mayfield

    Biggus... Guest

    Have had the exact same thing happen... we ended up pulling off the
    Gundagi exit, to get a room for the night, he even followed us up the
    driveway of the motel, them put on Lights and Wait... SIREN.. we were
    stopped and already gettin off the bike..

    Needless to say, the NO VACANCY sign went up before we hit the door.

    I agree with Nev, pull over and let the **** go.. but the only issue
    you have then is he will be waiting up the road further for u.
    Biggus..., Jan 3, 2005
  13. James Mayfield

    Biggus... Guest

    I'm thinking of opening a hotdog stand out the front.
    Donuts would work better
    Biggus..., Jan 3, 2005
  14. James Mayfield

    corks Guest

    still here, spent am amusing nye dealing with drunk fuckwits at cottesloe
    beach front
    corks, Jan 3, 2005
  15. James Mayfield

    Burnie M Guest

    To Wollongong;

    Did a loop (in the car) today to Kangaroo valley and back and saw
    nothing until we got within 10 km of Wollongong then saw 5, 2 with
    Burnie M, Jan 3, 2005
  16. James Mayfield

    John Guest

    G'day corks... hope you had a good nye.... you back on that bike yet?


    <please come here more often... we need help translating MB :)
    John, Jan 3, 2005
  17. James Mayfield

    John Guest

    Good point, would be just about time for Buzz to pop in and say hello,
    been a while...

    John, Jan 3, 2005
  18. James Mayfield

    Nev.. Guest

    There was probably a big fat emergency lane on a dual carriageway. So you
    indicate left, then lift your foot off the accelerator. He pulls out and
    overtakes you before you even start merging into the emergency lane. You stop
    for 10 or 15 seconds to give him enough time to clear off up the road ahead of
    you but not enough time for him to lay in wait to clock you when you come past
    him, and off you go again.
    Ummmmm.... If you were doing the speed limit and he was doing the speed limit
    and he was behind you for 30 mins, that doesn't make you think that he was
    just travelling in the same direction as you at the same speed as you and he's
    not going to go screaming past you for no reason?
    Never mind fucking him. It sounds like you've been fucking yourself with your
    own paranoia.

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Jan 3, 2005
  19. James Mayfield

    Nev.. Guest

    No, I never said anyone was a ****, so you couldn't be agreeing with me. See
    my other reply to Will. I think your persecution complex must be contagious.

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Jan 3, 2005
  20. James Mayfield

    Toosmoky Guest

    Toosmoky, Jan 3, 2005
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