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Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by cheiden001, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. cheiden001

    cheiden001 Guest

    I am about to purchase a 2001 honda cbr 600 f4i that was in a crash
    where it was thrown around a bit, besides cosmetic issues, the throttle
    wont spring return and the master cylinder is smashed. It also wont
    start, this is my biggest issue, i dont know why but when the key is
    taken to accessory all lights come on but when you try to start it, it
    wont even try to turn over, no sounds nothing, the battery reads about
    13 or so volts so i dont know if thats the problem. The bike is only
    $500 which i think is a good deal if i can fix it but i have no idea
    why it wont start, any help would be greatly apreciated, thanks.
    cheiden001, Mar 18, 2005
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  2. cheiden001

    NA Guest

    I don't mean to sound cruel but if you have to ask for help here, you
    shouldn't be buying such a bike...
    NA, Mar 18, 2005
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  3. cheiden001

    mike Guest

    Sounds like you're not experienced.
    Won't start is sometimes a camoflauge for more serious problems.
    Cut a wire so it won't run in hope that an experienced/optimistic
    buyer will pay too much.
    If the seller knows what he's doing, you'll rarely find a broken bike
    that's economical to fix. Only hope is to find a bike from the original
    crasher...but that's almost impossible to determine as some shops send
    bikes home with employees to sell. Crash parts are EXPENSIVE!!!

    My favorite garage sale bike story:
    It runs great.
    Can we start it?
    Nope, it doesn't have any oil in it.
    Can we put some oil in it?
    Nope, no got any oil.
    No problem, I have some oil in the car.
    Pour in some oil.
    Oil runs out hole in engine.
    Seller not even ashamed to be caught in a BIG lie...
    The least he could have done was stop me so I didn't waste a quart of oil.

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    with links. Delete this sig when replying.
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    mike, Mar 18, 2005
  4. It might be the safety interlock system. Check the side stand switch
    and the clutch switch and also the kill switch, to be sure you have
    electricity flowing through them. The safety interlock system includes
    the neutral switch in the transmission, too...

    Do you see a neutral light come on when you turn the ignition key on?

    The safety interlock system will let you start the bike when the clutch
    is pulled in and the sidestand is down and the transmission is in
    neutral. That way you can warm the bike up in the morning while it's on
    the sidestand and you can be putting your helmet and gloves on...

    But, if you put the transmission into gear and let the clutch out with
    the side stand down the engine will stop running. And the starter motor
    probably won't crank the engine until you put the side stand up. So
    definitely check that side stand switch...

    $500 for a 2001 Honda F4i is incredibly cheap. I would buy it because I
    know that I could fix it. But, why doesn't the person that owns the
    bike at least get it running?
    krusty kritter, Mar 19, 2005
  5. cheiden001

    Chris Guest

    Im not experienced, this is my first bike, i know a little bit and had
    a few ideas of what is wrong but just wanted a second opinion and this
    was the most convenient. The guy im buying it from was the guy that
    wrecked the bike, he works with me and hasnt had time to try to fix it
    lately, nor does he want to spend time to fix it, thats where the
    selling it for $500 comes in, he just wants to get rid of it. he
    explained the wreck, from how he explained it he was trying to do a
    wheelie and it flipped backwards and just tumbled a little bit.
    Instead of fixing it he went out and bought a new one and is just
    trying to get rid of this one.
    Chris, Mar 19, 2005
  6. cheiden001

    Chris Guest

    your right, originally i just wanted to get a car that i could fix up
    and eventually just buy a bike that worked but a guy at work wrecked
    his bike and wanted to get rid of it cheap because of his lack of time
    to fix it so i figured it would be a good oportunity for me to learn
    about bikes before i dropped a good amount of money on one. And by
    posting a message gave me an opportunity to learn more about bikes, im
    sure there was a time where you knew nothing about bikes. We all have
    to start somwhere right?
    Chris, Mar 19, 2005
  7. cheiden001

    fweddybear Guest

    Ok... so beside the fact that he tumbled the bike and it won't start....
    what was damaged? When was the last time it ran? last year? last month?
    last decade? (this could tell more about why it won't start) IE.... how
    long did it sit? Did you check for spark? Gas? What year, make and model
    bike is it?
    The more info you can give, the more help we can offer....

    fweddybear, Mar 19, 2005
  8. cheiden001

    NA Guest

    You might start off by getting a bike that works. You can start
    learning to the basic maintenances first and then move onto more complex
    repairs and upgrades. If you do get this bike, you have a *HUGE*
    learning curve to bring this bike to life--especially when you "have no

    As mike posted earlier, replacement parts are EXPENSIVE so prepare also
    to spend a lot more than you expected in such an ambitious project.
    Expect to shell out "a good amount of money". IMHO, it'll be more
    economical for you to get a working used bike first for tinkering and

    As krusty kritter posted earlier too, he *knows* he *can* repair and
    bring such a broken bike back to life. He has the knowledge, practical
    experience, resources, time and patience to complete such an project.
    It may cost you $500 for tuition but will this broken bike just become
    an expensive lawn ornament for you?

    You are right in that every rider has to start somewhere. You might
    want to consider this project more carefully... Again, I don't mean to
    be cruel or discouraging but this is a very ambitious project for
    someone of your experience. You might want to start with the basics
    first. I wish you the best of luck--no matter what you decide to do.
    NA, Mar 19, 2005
  9. cheiden001

    Chris Guest

    The last time it ran was about 10 months ago, that was when it was
    wrecked, after that it never started. The guy that wrecked it told me
    he thinks there is a sensor somwhere so when the bike tilts to the left
    or right at a certain angle it will kill the engine, and if it was
    slammed hard enough that the sensor would stick to one side and cause
    it to not start. Since then its been inside so its not been exposed to
    the cold of winter, the only visible damage is the master cylinder and
    just some minor body damage.
    Chris, Mar 19, 2005
  10. cheiden001

    fweddybear Guest

    Ok... we are getting somewhere....First, I would check with the dealer
    to see what they think is wrong with it. As them about the sensor switch
    and where it is located....They may give you advise on what to do.. maybe
    not... if not , then check with another dealer..... not sure how old the
    bike is either, as many dealers do not work on bikes that are of a certain
    age.... even if they sell the same brand.....Also, get a manual... it is
    important if you want to learn how to fix your own bike. There are
    schematics in there as to wiring and such that will help you. A manual is
    an invaluable tool to have, otherwise get a hammer and start banging on the
    Once you have got the starting problem figured out, and it probably is
    something simple, then you could fix the rest of the bike up......
    I had a neighbor of mine give me an old honda 750L.... he was gonna take
    it to the dump as it wouldn't start either.... plus he was moving... well
    let me tell you , its over 2 grand later, but I got the bike fixed and
    running well.... it makes a great second bike for me, but mainly, when I got
    it, I wanted to learn how to fix it....I already knew most stuff, but I
    ended up taking the engine out and having head work done on it, and put it
    all back together. It was fun, and took me almost 6 months to do as there
    were numerous problems..... and it had been 20 years since i worked on a
    bike like that too....
    So....... plan to spend some money on getting it fixed, although you
    can find parts on ebay or other websites where they sell bike parts cheaper
    than new....and will work (in most cases) as good as new....

    good Luck with your project....let us know how you make out with it..

    fweddybear, Mar 19, 2005
  11. cheiden001

    Bownse Guest

    "bank angle sensor"

    I didn't see the reference to the original bike, but on Wings, they are
    typically mounted along the frame under the seat area down under the
    side panels. Get a diagram and research it. Most OEMs now have on-like
    exploded diagrams to help customers search for the part they need before
    ordering it.
    Bownse, Mar 19, 2005
  12. you try to start it, it wont even try to turn over, no
    Maybe the bank angle sensor is stuck in the tripped position or maybe
    it's disconnected. Look in the nose cone of the fairing,
    centered above the headlight...

    If you go to www.partsfish.com, you have to register and select a Honda
    motorcycle so you can register it in your online "garage".
    The 2001 CBR600 F4i shows both carbureted and FI versions. The bank
    angle sensor is shown on "wiring harness (2) page...

    If the bank angle sensor is ruined from the crash, there are people on
    eBay selling them...

    But, how do you know that the sensor they're trying to peddle is any
    better than the one you have?

    Other riders have asked for information on how to bypass the bank angle
    sensor. It apparently shuts off the Honda's computer if you crash...
    krusty kritter, Mar 20, 2005
  13. I should have said that the 2001 CBR600 *pages* show both carbureted
    and injected models. Honda should actually have a separate parts fiche
    for the FI models to avoid confusion...

    It's hard enough finding the right parts in a printed catalogue, let
    alone doing it from a fiche viewer or online and then, after getting
    the special-ordered parts you find they are for the wrong model...

    Even the right drawings are sometimes unclear...

    I remember one time we were refurbishing a radar antenna, and I ordered
    parts for it, according to the drawing view in the printed illustrated
    parts breakdown. The mechanic installed the parts he received, and then
    he asked me, "Where's the parts for the *other side*?" Heck, the IPB
    didn't show the *other* side, I only ordered half as many parts as were
    krusty kritter, Mar 20, 2005
  14. cheiden001

    John Johnson Guest

    So you had this problem before the PCIII was installed?
    Worth contacting the folks at PC and seeing what they can tell you about
    John Johnson, Mar 26, 2005
  15. cheiden001

    Chris Guest

    I just got it started, after taking a multimeter to all of the switches
    and sensors i got frustrated and hit the kill switch with a wrench,
    immediatly the fuel pumped kicked on so i pushed the start button and
    after a while of it turning over it finally started and has started
    with no problems ever since.
    Chris, Apr 13, 2005
  16. cheiden001

    Chris Guest

    i didnt have to spend any money on it luckily except a few dollars on
    some lost bolts and screws. in my frustration i hit the kill switch and
    shortly after it started right up and has been running ever since. i
    drove it up and down my road earlier and it rides fine so i can only
    beleive that the frame and forks arent bent. I take the motorcycle
    safety course on may 1st and my permit test on the second. if i knew
    how to post a picture if it was possible i would. Now the question
    is.... does anybody know where i can get a fairing for the bike that is
    less than $400..... : )
    Chris, Apr 13, 2005
  17. cheiden001

    John Johnson Guest

    Maybe you want to check that kill-switch at some point. Applying a
    wrench (as a hammer, no less) is not usually necessary ;-) and may
    indicate something wrong with the switch-pod. I guarantee that you'll be
    upset if you burn that thing out.

    Otherwise, sounds like you're on your way. Good luck with the class and
    exam. Get good gear and be careful with that thing; it's a whole lot of
    bike for a beginner, and there's no sense in having to repair _another_
    round of crash damage. :)
    John Johnson, Apr 13, 2005
  18. Check the mail order companies like www.denniskirk.com and look at the
    Maier fairings for Hondas. Also google up Chaparral Racing and look at
    their online catalog as well as AirTech and Sharkskinz...

    You'll still have to paint whatever aftermarket plastic you can find,
    so it won't be cheap to make that $500 Honda look good...
    krusty kritter, Apr 14, 2005
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