WSB Brno, race 1 reflections (spoiler)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by bram stolk, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. bram stolk

    bram stolk Guest

    Interesting race: WSB's top-dog Bayliss was out on the first corner,
    as he was touched first by Pitt, then by Laconi. Laconi and Bayliss
    crashed, Pitt stayed on, but retired at the end of the race.

    Toseland led much of the race, but was tailed effortlessly by Kagayama.
    With 6 laps to go, Kagayama was confident enough to pass. His first pass
    was too hot, but after his 2nd pass, he was gone, and walked away with

    The last spot on the podium was conquered in heroic style by Fabrizio.
    In the last lap he forcefully (though professionally) claimed his podium.
    An impressive march through the ranks.

    Corser was struggling all race to keep up with the leading four, and
    all he could do was barely remain in the slipstream. I don't completely
    understand this. He's the reigning champ, on the same bike as the race

    Is Kagayama a faster rider than Corser, or does Kagayama get better

    It would be interesting to see where Bayliss comes into this for race2.
    Judging from his recent domination, a race2 win for Bayliss would not
    be surprising.

    bram stolk, Jul 23, 2006
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  2. bram stolk

    #14 Guest

    BTW Fabrizio ran with a broken shoulder in Brno, filled with
    #14, Jul 24, 2006
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  3. bram stolk

    S Frank Guest

    Does anyone know why Lanzi was so upset and (it looked like)
    kicked one of his team members in the back side? I know he
    may have had a tire go bad, but why was he THAT pissed. It
    wasn't like he had a chance of even a podium.

    S Frank, Jul 29, 2006
  4. bram stolk

    bram stolk Guest

    Didn't his engine just quit?

    It's really annoying when that happens, but no excuse of course.

    bram stolk, Jul 29, 2006
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