WSB Brno, race 2 reflections (spoiler)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by bram stolk, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. bram stolk

    bram stolk Guest

    Wow.... race 2 was even better.
    Be sure to catch this on a replay if you didn't see it.
    The nail-biting last lap for 2nd place will be classic.

    Well.... there were probably some different tyre strategies
    here, although I don't know who picked what tyre.

    Right from the start, Haga pulls a big lead which he keeps
    for the largest part of the race. However, at the end, he
    just can't keep the same pace.

    Kagayama is then closing fast, and in the end, comfortably
    takes the double. The real excitement is for 2nd place.
    As in race 1, Fabrizio progresses through the field, one by
    one. In the last lap, he is in 4th, fighting with Corser
    and Haga. In a single move, he passes both of them. The
    successive battles to the finish-line lead them to cross
    the finishline almost exactly side-by-side all three of them.
    Yet, Fabrizio takes 2nd, Haga 3rd and Corserer 4th. Bayliss
    was never really a contender in this race, but takes some
    decent points at 8th none the less.

    The points-lead for Bayliss has shrunk, but is still very large.
    Some conservative racing for solid points in the rest of
    the season should secure his 2006 title.

    bram stolk, Jul 23, 2006
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