Xr125l 2003

Discussion in 'Bike Maintenance and Repair' started by MartynBrooks, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. MartynBrooks


    Dec 7, 2022
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    Just got a xr125L 2003 in bits .the carburetor cable has the carburetor top and spring and the float but the needle jet is missing..and the carburetor is still bolted to engine.does anybody know what needle and whatever holds it in the float i need? I dont know anything about motorbikes ha ha .or a rebuild carburetor kit.or a kit of another model ie cg 125 honda that would fit .or a different carburetor as there is loads on ebay but i dont know what fits what cg/xl/pw26/27 ect.ect ive stipped engine out of frame ready for shot blasting and powder coating. Cleand wheels up . Havn't touched the engine yet ..seat verygood but looks orangey with wear instead of red.got told it ran but starter solenoid wzs crackling?? Been stood for 4 years before he would sell it to me
    MartynBrooks, Dec 7, 2022
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