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Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Serge Zoritch, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. The letter, below, was mailed 09.10.05. To date, no response has been
    I will post any reply that is received.

    Serge Zoritch
    Address deleted

    Takashi Kajikawa
    President & CEO
    Yamaha Motor Co. LTD
    2500, Shingai,, Iwata, Shizuoka
    438-8501, Japan


    I am a long time customer of Yamaha motor products, having owned five
    Yamaha motorcycles over thirty-five (35) years. The reason I am writing
    you this letter is because of my most recent Yamaha motorcycle purchase.

    In 2004, I bought a new FJR1300 and all of the available Yamaha
    accessories. This was my dream motorcycle come true.

    A short while ago I took that motorcycle to a Yamaha dealer in Salmon
    Arm, BC, to have them diagnose a loud ticking noise coming from the
    engine. I assumed it to be something that required an adjustment. A
    few days later I received a telephone call from the service manager
    (XXXXXXXX) of that dealership and was told that the exhaust valve guides
    were failing and that it would cost about thirty five hundred dollars
    ($3,500) to repair. The gentleman explained that he had called the
    local Yamaha Representative who explained that it is a known design flaw
    in that year of FJR1300 motorcycle. Apparently the dealer's service
    manager asked the rep. if Yamaha would cover the some or all of the cost
    of the repairs, seeing as it was a manufacturerís flaw. The rep's reply
    was that the motorcycle is five years over the warranty period and that,
    had the failure occurred within two years of the warranty, Yamaha would
    have covered it.

    I should add at this time that the motorcycle now has just over 17,000
    km. The motorcycle is in pristine condition, has been dealer serviced,
    according to the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual, and has
    been garage stored for six months of the year, every year, since it was
    bought. The winters where I live are harsh enough to make motorcycle
    riding dangerous.

    Having found the local Yamaha rep's response unacceptable, I called
    Yamaha's Canadian headquarters in Toronto and talked to a two people in
    the customer service department. I asked both of them if they thought
    it reasonable to expect a twenty thousand dollar motorcycle to have a
    motor life expectancy of 17,000 km? Neither of them would answer the
    question and kept on repeating that it is five years over the warranty
    period as if it were some kind of mantra.

    This letter is an appeal to your sense of fairness. I refer to your
    Management Principles from the 2009 Yamaha Corporation Fact Book. ìWe
    strive to achieve our corporate mission by adhering to three principals.
    #1. Creating value that surpasses customerís expectations. We must
    remain keenly aware of customer's evolving needs, in order to provide
    them with quality products and services of exceptional value that
    surpass their expectations. We can and will earn a fair profit by
    making all-out efforts to satisfy our customers.î (The other two
    principals refer to management objectives.)
    I ask you:
    - Do you think it reasonable to expect a $20,000 dollar motorcycle to
    have a motor life expectancy of 17,000 km? Is this a reasonable
    - Does it sound like my expectations have been surpassed?
    - Is this an example of your definition of either quality products or
    - Is this really an all-out effort to satisfy me as a loyal Yamaha Motor
    Product customer?

    I await your response.

    Sincerely yours,

    Serge Zoritch

    P.S. The motorcycle was parked in my garage for almost three years (I
    had seizures due to a brain tumor.) The tumor was removed in Feb. 2007
    but I could not drive for two more years as I continued with more
    seizures. This accounts for the low mileage.

    The seizures are now under control and I would like to ride my

    Cc: Yamaha newsgroups
    Serge Zoritch, Nov 19, 2009
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  2. Serge Zoritch

    TOG@Toil Guest

    <snip whinge>

    The bike was five years out of warranty. Get a grip. Get a life. Get
    another bike.
    TOG@Toil, Nov 19, 2009
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  3. Serge Zoritch

    TOG@Toil Guest

    *Cough* three years.
    TOG@Toil, Nov 19, 2009
  4. Serge Zoritch

    anonymous Guest

    Disclaimer alert....

    "Ignore here, what you've already heard"

    Although I also own an FJR, it's not of the same vintage as yours.
    I've only read of this condition which, apparently are known as
    I'm not at all familiar with Yamaha warranty operations, and cert-
    ainly not with any of their Canadian operations.
    "Yada"... "Yada"... "Yada"... "Blah"... "Blah"... "Blah"...

    But, there are many FJR owner groups on the web. Here are just
    a few of which I'm aware:


    Personally, I follow the FJR Forum. But, only because that is
    where I started. They're all great, detailed, helpful, etc.

    So, the condition you describe is generally known as a "ticker".
    You're already aware of this problem, but I've referenced some
    of the relevant articles from the Forum regarding the topic, here:











    And, the general search result on "ticker" is here:


    I suggest you do some reading on the Forum or any of the other
    groups to gain as much dealer/manufacturer ammunication as

    Additionally, I'm sorry that you're having such difficulty. That
    really can sour an otherwise great experience with the bike.

    And, grand congratulations for your surgical recovery. It seems
    like those problems were very serious. Glad that you're better.

    Good luck on your research.
    anonymous, Nov 20, 2009
  5. Serge Zoritch

    Guest Guest

    As its already out of warrantee I would get a good workshop manual, a set of
    tools, source the bits and have a do myself. You can probably dismantle it
    yourself 'take photos' get a auto engineer to pop out the valve guides, then
    press the new ones in, (if it is guides that is? ) if its goosed anyhow your
    not losing much. Betcha can get help from the Yamaha boards if its a common
    problem. all the best.
    Guest, Nov 26, 2009
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