Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Morphet, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. Morphet

    Morphet Guest

    I'm interested in a YAMAHA VIRAGO.
    does anybody gave an opinion one way or another on this bike?
    Morphet, Oct 3, 2003
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  2. Morphet

    Boxer Guest

    I have an opinion, but my mother told me if you can not say something nice,
    let Kiwipete take over.

    Boxer, Oct 3, 2003
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  3. Morphet

    gary ralph Guest

    I had 1 for 6 weeks it sucked yet I know people who love em
    gary ralph, Oct 3, 2003
  4. Morphet

    Knobdoodle Guest

    I think that some of the ignition-switches look a bit effeminate.....
    Knobdoodle, Oct 3, 2003
  5. Morphet

    RM Guest

    Someone let gary ralph at loose on an internet
    connection and the result was:
    i think 1100 raagies are kewl...mate of mine had several...usta turn them
    over at 250,000 km...buy a newer one, swap his tank, seat, rack etc. onto it
    and sell the old one
    they spent most of their time on the highway travelling at 130 - 140 kph and
    i dont recall any major problems...they'd just get a bit smokey after a
    quarter million k's

    as for the 250...well ummm...itsa bit on the slow side but will tour at 110
    kph, i've known a couple of ppl who had them and they never broke down
    one blew a headlight on a mountain road in the dead of night, and as she was
    at the back of the pack it was a while before anyone noticed...most unhappy
    when rescued
    RM, Oct 3, 2003
  6. Morphet

    Manning Guest

    In the fairly limited world of the 250 Cruiser, the Virago at $5999 (+orc)
    is the pick of the bunch. The Suzuki VL250 is $6490 and the Yamaha XVS V
    Star and Honda VT250C are an outrageous $8199/$8290 respectively.

    I think the fairly negative comments you have seen so far are not so much
    specifically about the Virago, but to do with the very nature of the 250cc
    cruiser. They represent the worst of the 250 spectrum, lacking the power to
    cope with true 'cruising', as generally they can't get over 110 kph (unless
    you don't weigh much - I saw a 50 kg girl get one up to 130 once). The rest
    of the 250 world, the baby sports/naked bike, the trailie and the commuter
    all have their unique strengths (commuters are cost-effective basic
    transport, trailies are trailies and baby sports bikes are good for honing
    beginner's skills)

    There are two reasons I can think of for you posing the question - you are
    either looking for a 250 cc learner/commuter bike, or an inexpensive
    cruiser. (I am assuming that you are not interested in sports-style bikes.)

    If you are looking for a learner/commuter, consider the venerable Honda
    CB250. Not glamorous, but performs as well as a Virago, is $500 cheaper,
    bulletproof and easily (& cheaply) repaired. And it's about as cool as a
    Virago (which is to say, not very). And you can always sell it, as it is a
    very popular commuter for those who don't want to ride their Ducati 996 at
    10 km/h along Parramatta Road every morning (or park it in the CBD all day).

    If you are looking for an inexpensive cruiser, you'd be better off looking
    for a Honda VT750, Kwak VN800 or similar mid-sized. The used price of one of
    these won't be that much higher than the cost of a new Virago.

    Cheers Manning
    Manning, Oct 3, 2003
  7. Morphet

    Morphet Guest

    Correct on both points :)
    Morphet, Oct 3, 2003
  8. Morphet

    sharkey Guest

    But it's BoooooooooooOOooOOooOOOOOooooring!

    I mean, there's nothing wrong with them, well nothing that a new
    set of fork springs wouldn't fix, but they're pretty lacklustre
    even compared to the 250s of ten years ago. On the bright side,
    no bugger will steal it.

    I'd find a used Spada or VTR250, or if you like the Virago but
    don't really want a cruiser there's the SRV250 (virago motor,
    very nice handling).

    If you _do_ want a cruiser, maybe because of ducks disease,
    I'd stick with the Virago. There's a lot to be said for
    buying a 'standard' bike as a first bike though ... because
    you can do most types of riding tolerably well on it,
    you get to find out what you like best ...

    sharkey, Oct 3, 2003
  9. The 1100's ride well but look odd, the 250's make a good learner bike.
    Never ridden the rather rare 550 or the somewhat more common 750.

    Geoff and Jodie
    Geoff and Jodie, Oct 3, 2003
  10. Morphet

    John Littler Guest

    If you're in NSW look at the XVS650 - it's learner legal, not terribly big, goes
    well and and handles adequately (ie not badly for a cruiser).

    John Littler, Oct 4, 2003
  11. I took a 400 (personal import) for a spin when I had been riding only trail
    bikes for months. First roundabout, I nearly lost the thing in the gutter
    as I discovered what all that talk about clearance meant in them magazines.

    Still makes me smile when the owner asked me later if that was the first
    non-dirt bike I had riden.

    Hamish Alker-Jones, Oct 4, 2003
  12. Morphet

    sirprice Guest

    In that case then the 250 Virago will suit you just right. They
    run for ever at very little cost , some early models had
    rectifier problems . Wifey had one which was then passed on to
    son etc etc never so much as a hiccup . I have known about half
    a dozen riders that have had em as entry model bikes and all
    where more than happy.
    Cruise at 110 all day no worries and it will out run most cars in
    the traffic light GP if you can shift gears fast enough, tho it
    wont out drag the 250 sports bikes. Easy to get the pegs down,
    soggy front suspension which can be helped with spacers in the
    forks and thicker oil.
    All in all not a bad entry bike , but it will be bagged by sports
    bike riders and big cruiser riders , if you like it and it fits
    you then buy it and tell the rest to go suck .
    Dave P
    sirprice, Oct 4, 2003
  13. Morphet

    Toosmoky Guest

    It's named after a Spanish Harlot...
    Toosmoky, Oct 5, 2003
  14. Morphet

    Toosmoky Guest

    Oooh, look! Carrots...
    Toosmoky, Oct 5, 2003
  15. Morphet

    Theo Bekkers Guest

    "Toosmoky" wrote
    There was a Spanish Harlot named Yamaha?

    Theo Bekkers, Oct 5, 2003
  16. Morphet

    RM Guest

    Someone let Geoff and Jodie at loose on an
    internet connection and the result was:
    750 same as 1100, might be a little slower?, 550 is an evil thing...goes
    well and stuff, just very uncomfortable to ride any distance
    RM, Oct 5, 2003
  17. Morphet

    sharkey Guest

    You do know that "Dosciento y Cincuenta" isn't her name, don't you?

    -----sharks (... anna kick in the nuts!)
    sharkey, Oct 5, 2003
  18. Is Zebee Spanish?

    Hamish Alker-Jones, Oct 5, 2003
  19. Morphet

    Alan Halsted Guest

    I had the '83 XV750 Midnight Special (written on the side covers, so it
    must have been special!) for a couple of years. Great for zipping around
    the city, great torque, very growly with straight through pipes but not the
    ideal long haul machine. Did a couple of long trips and without a windscreen
    was an exhausting exercise. Highly recomend the bike, however, it is
    utterly bulletproof, easy to maintain (the shaft drive is a great thing) and
    easy to maneuvre in traffic. One of the many reasons why the XV bikes are
    so popular. And they are excellent value for money. The 250's also hold
    their value.
    Alan Halsted, Oct 6, 2003
  20. Hamish Alker-Jones said....

    HA> Is Zebee Spanish?

    Methodist, I think...
    Martin Taylor, Oct 7, 2003
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