Zipper materials and stitching in Difi Ultra II jacket

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by osamahornifukus, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. This was an extremely useful piece for me. Thank you.

    " Next, the zips. These should NOT be metal - they should be nylon,
    but good chunky ones all the same. How do you tell what they're made
    of? Simple, the metal ones look like metal ! If they don't look like
    metal, they probably aren't, because most makers leave the metal bare
    because paint would just chip off. Any coloured zips will probably be
    nylon (even if the colour is black). Another good clue is that cuff
    (ie. wrist) zips should be on the inside of the arm, not the outside.
    If they haven't got that right, they've probably made some other
    mistakes as well."

    I got to ask: why non metal zippers are important?
    They are not exposed in a crash, so?

    I took a look at the stitching on my Difi Ultra II for a first time
    and was not impressed.
    Looks like 7 seams per inch. Barely adequate per article.
    It's not like Motorport would've compromised the integrity of Cordura
    by a higher s.p.i count.
    Am I wrong here? I don't have any failures to any major parts of the
    outer jacket components
    by the pocket liner have already separated from the pocket at the
    bottom of the left
    front pocket and the stitch count looks like the same barely adequate
    7 spi count.
    Could other Difi owners comment on how their garments fare? In a slide
    and normal wear.

    "Protectoshite body armour" was priceless :)
    osamahornifukus, Mar 5, 2008
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